(POLL) Most liken climate change to ‘a religion’

A majority of voters say they agree with a Republican presidential candidate’s criticism of climate change advocacy as a “religion” that isn’t really about the climate at all.

That’s according to Rasmussen Reports.

The survey finds 60% agree – including 47% who “strongly agree” – with Vivek Ramasamy’s recent statement that climate change has become a religion that “actually has nothing to do with the climate” and is really about power and control.

Thirty-five percent (35%) say they disagree with the statement, including 25% who “strongly disagree.”

Seventy-nine percent (79%) of Republicans, 45% of Democrats, and 60% of voters not affiliated with either major party at least somewhat agree with Ramaswamy’s description of climate change as a religion.

Twenty-one percent (21%) voters say they believe climate change is getting better, up from 18% in May 2022.

Most Republicans (52%) see the climate change problem as about the same, as do 40% of unaffiliated voters and 33% of Democrats.

To see survey question wording, click here.

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8 thoughts on “(POLL) Most liken climate change to ‘a religion’”

  1. This article and making a difference in renewable green cardboard ?. You know all that Brown Sargassum Seaweed headed to Florida , Have Amazon invest in drying it out and processing and pressing it into Cellular New Amazon shipping Carboard products ? Much like a tree cellular pressed pulp ? A plant is a plant pressed product right ? lol , Amazon New shipping cardboard products in action ? New green is clean in our Oceans ???

  2. I share the opinion that the “climate change” crowd has swallowed this idea and can’t be talked out of it. Recommend Sharyl show a collection of past climate alarms, almost all of which have not come to pass. There is a rich legacy of false claims, projections, predictions on which to draw, showing just how badly many of our fellow citizens have been fooled. But who is behind this sinister effort?

  3. This article and the True Facts in History ? Climate Change Term is Real and Natural and complicated mathmatics ..Climate changes in physics is 12,742 Km inside Atmospheric Mass changes to Oxygen/Hydrogen/Nitrogen Atom’s in a sphere ( Vernal Equinox energy rotation with the Sun ) Atoms Quantum Nucleus changes vs. Equator ..There is a long Math formula for these atoms changes daily monthly yearly. ( Can we see what you got figured there ? H%*# No you can’t ! ) But depending where you live based from the 12,742 Km from Pi, It’s broken down easiest understood Math Formula is figrured( ( E>>P;E) or Energy much greater in a projected space to energy..Meaning that Mass life on this planet is being constantly projected on the landscape of earth in a unsquared constant manner_ Wm. Andtews Rochester, IN. The Home of New Quantum physics since 1980 “Area 15 Indiana ” A new generation with a New explanation E=( Subgroups Pi, )

  4. Notice when all the yutzes like Al Gore and Bill Gates get on stage and do the palms together bow they are paying homage to the climate change Goddess Gaia. So it is a religion.

  5. It’s a cult, not a religion. While there are similarities between the two, religions have tenets that can’t change on a dime. Cults can do whatever they want and the cultists will accept it

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