(POLL) Most voters say Republican politicians likely conspired with Democrats to oust Trump

Fifty-five percent (55%) of all voters say they believe it’s at least somewhat likely that Republican politicians in Washington DC worked secretly with Democrats to keep Donald Trump from being reelected in 2020.

Thirty-three percent (33%) say they don’t think it was likely.

Among GOP voters, 67% say they think Republican politicians helped Democrats prevent Trump’s re-election.

That’s according to Rasmussen Reports.

Meantime, Trump remains more popular among Republican voters than GOP Congressional leaders, and a majority of all voters say they think Trump’s 2020 campaign was sabotaged by DC politicians.

The survey finds that 52% of likely US voters view Trump favorably, including 31% who have a “very favorable” impression of him.

Forty-four percent (44%) say they have an unfavorable opinion of Trump, including 34% whose view of the former president is “very unfavorable.”

Trump’s general favorability among likely voters is matched by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, although fewer have a Very Favorable impression of the California Republican.

Among GOP voters, however, Trump’s favorability (77%) is higher than McCarthy’s (71%).

Trump is far more popular than Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is seen favorably by just 31% of all likely voters and 32% of Republican voters.

To see survey question wording, click here.

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16 thoughts on “(POLL) Most voters say Republican politicians likely conspired with Democrats to oust Trump”

  1. Both parties make it almost impossible for third parties and independents to hold office. President Trump is the closest person to be considered an independent. He had to run within the party system in order to be elected. He could throw a wrench into the system by switching to the Democratic party.

  2. I thought Lindsey Graham helped undermine Republican chances in the recent mid-terms with his talk of a national ban on abortion. I don’t know if that was deliberate or just stupid, but it went against the post-Dodd conservative claim that the decision would not ban abortion but simply return the issue to the states, where local values would prevail. So, Graham blew that to pieces with his talk of a nationwide ban originating in a Republican Congress, giving the Dems a huge talking point in contested congressional races.

    1. There is only one party. McConnell proved that before the mid terms by pulling funds. Then he cut the conservative throat in December leaving the house republicans neutered for this congress. President Trump will end the status que if he can. The Uniparty is in it for themselves, DC is a city state and we and our children are nothing more than tax revenue. If you believe otherwise they have accomplished their goal.

  3. Sorry but the United States has only one party in charge. I am hoping the real conservatives do something about this sham system by starting a new party. We see the results every day, it’s, time to stop being suckers. Time to move the different departments out of the DC area. Professional politicians have destroyed this country.. Term limits, voter ID, Paper ballots only. Not being able to work in the industry that a politician had oversight on. No investing by the politician or his family in stock while and after leaving office for 5 years. No paying it forward. End the federal employee pension system and roll it over into social security system. No federal employee or elected official can have any immunity from laws that are past. No tenure in federal positions, you can be terminated for cause. No unions of workers paid for with tax money. The uniparty has turned this ship into a garbage scow, It will take time and perseverance to change course and the uniparty will be kicking and screaming every second!!

    1. Starting a new party takes years to establish, because each state has rules for it’s establishment; and those rules are set to almost prevent new parties in some states. Instead, Conservatives need to negotiate with the existing Libertarian Party to merge into an acceptable platform moral Conservatives can live with. There are other minor third parties established, but the Libertarian party and the Constitution Party are more closely aligned with Conservative values. Trump needs to run on an established third party and can cut the legs out from under both the RNC and the DNC. I would switch parties in a heartbeat! They should change the name, though…like maybe American Patriot Party or something, as Libertarian sounds too much like “liberal.”

    2. 1000% & the dncrinoGop uniparty slobs never stand together even under attack by the extreme leftist vile deep state

  4. IMO, it does happen. Here is an example, when the election for the speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives was being voted for the actual conservative was going to win speakership, then the Ohio House Republicans allowed all the democrat Ohio House members to vote for either one of the republicans for speakership and guess what? The RINO won speakership. Nuf said. Never ever give either party one penny they only care about an agenda and it is not pro America it is pro their wallet.

  5. Mitt Romney and Liz Chaney can’t deny their democrat voting habits.
    It’s not a myth, RINO ruins the day for their party that gave them a job.

  6. The usual suspects come to mind, McConnell, Graham, but my two South Dakota senators, Thune and Rounds are right there with them. RINOS.

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