(READ) Data: Rampant CDC errors in reporting on Covid-19

The nation’s top public health agency made numerous scientific mistakes in information it reported on Covid-19.

That’s according to a new research paper, which outlines 25 statistical or numerical errors CDC made on the pandemic.

According to the researchers, 80% of the errors exaggerated the severity of the Covid-19 situation.

Public confidence in CDC after its admitted mismanagement of Covid-19 is at an all-time low, according to suvreys.

Twelve percent (12%) of the instances that were catalogue in the study simultaneously exaggerated and downplayed the severity of the situation, says the paper. One error was neutral, and one error exaggerated Covid-19 vaccine risks, according to the authors.

The CDC was notified about the errors in 16 instances. It later corrected the errors, at least partially, in 13 instances.

The report was recently published in the electronic journal Social Science Research Network (SSRN) and can be read at the link below or by clicking here.


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9 thoughts on “(READ) Data: Rampant CDC errors in reporting on Covid-19”

  1. They should have never offered the hospitals the $39,000 payment for reporting the patient as being put on a respirator and $13,000 for being admited with covid.

  2. Dr Makary (who has sometimes been too tepid by half ) nailed it a recent Congressional hearing when he said: “The greatest source of misinformation during the Covid pandemic, has been the United States government.”

  3. This article and answers ! Examples; Make a Air Tight Black Box with a Shrader valve installed like to fill a Car tire example, Now put a Banana inside of Black box and fill and pressurize Banana inside of Black box at 11.5 Psi with Ozone gases , Now make a exact copy of controlled box using clear plastic so light energy can get through without any filled Ozone filled gas molecules . Leave both in control boxes for a week and take out and compare =C2 mass groups = Relativity mass energy changes ! Thus | E^…..E’ | Matrix

  4. The problem is not just errors in the calculations as the article claims, but the data itself. As they say in data analysis, “garbage in, garbage out”. It is claimed that hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19 are over reported, and it is a fact that hospitals get more money for treating COVID than an unrelated illness. With this incentive and anarchic reporting, let alone calculation errors, their data should not be trusted.

  5. For anybody wanting to learn more about the vax I highly recommend the book by Ed Dowd “Cause Unknown, The cause of Sudden Deaths in 2021,22 ” It’s very well documented.

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