(READ) House Republicans respond to Energy Dept. admission that Covid originated from Chinese lab leak

The Energy Department, which had claimed to be “undecided” on the origins of Covid-19, now joins the FBI in concluding the coronavirus likely spread due to a mishap at a Chinese laboratory, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing a classified intelligence report provided to the White House and key members of Congress.

Republicans Cathy Rodgers (R-Washington), Morgan Griffith (R-Virginia), and Brett Guthrie (R-Kentucky) have released a following statement regarding the report.

This report affirms our belief that the substantial circumstantial evidence favors Covid-19 emerging from a research-related incident. These revelations also further strengthen the need to uncover why high-ranking government officials, with help from Big Tech and the media, sought early on to silence any debate into a plausible theory of a lab incident while the Chinese Communist Party stonewalled investigations by the global scientific community. The American people deserve answers if we are to restore trust in our public health agencies and be better prepared for possible future pandemics. Our committee, in coordination with others in the House Republican Conference, will continue to push for the truth.

House Energy and Commerce Republicans

Click here for a timeline and to read more about Energy and Commerce Republicans’ investigation into the origins of Covid-19. 

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4 thoughts on “(READ) House Republicans respond to Energy Dept. admission that Covid originated from Chinese lab leak”

  1. Drew Skonberg, DC

    I recently listened to Dr. David Martin’s 27 minute video presentation regarding the origins of the chimeric SARS CoV2 virus. He had some interesting papers he presented that tie this into the UNC at Chapel Hill and Dr. Baric gain of function studies as being the origin of this pandemic. Specifically this paper sites, the Wuhan institute and thanks them for their use and their ability to clone this particular virus. I was wondering out of curiosity if you have had an opportunity to listen to the presentation? As a former clinician, I am not an investigative reporter, but I would be much more comfortable, supporting his perspective if others were to look at this, especially an investigative reporter of your caliber.

      1. P.S.

        The Global Covid-19 Hoax :

        – snip –

        You do agree, that the world
        has been hoaxed ?

        My first clue had been the
        videos of Chinese citizens
        collapsing ( on camera ) on
        Wuhan streets.

        Clownishly phony—badly done !

        My decades of camera work
        helped me to see what others
        could not ( artistic works ).

        In any case, Naomi, much
        as everyone else does, you
        have used, “they, ” as the
        bad people—without naming
        the demon possessing the

        The rite of exorcism requires,
        firstly, tricking the demon into
        providing its name—then a
        successful exorcism ( btw,
        Father Malachi Martin had
        been a correspondent of mine
        in the 1980s ).

        – snip –

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