Uncovered: News Media Insider on CNN, Fox and a Broken Industry (Podcast)

Eye-opening inside reflections from journalist and media critic Steve Krakauer, formerly of CNN, Fox and more. His new book is “Uncovered.”


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4 thoughts on “Uncovered: News Media Insider on CNN, Fox and a Broken Industry (Podcast)”

  1. This article and current bad weather here, so Let’s Reply ?. This Article opens up a bunch of related legal like questions to the Supreme courts and FBI, IC3 laws ?. The protections of also other literary work in history ! Examples and Challenges in Law ?. Does Google and other Social Medea like Tic-Toc and many other Cloud Tech Achieve data collections = big tech, hiding in the back of Devices unauthorized scanning collecting of users idea’s and literary copyrighted materials and works ?? In Helping you and me and future generations of College kids etc. I’m not the only one who thinks they never should have been allowed to do this activity. U.S. District Court Judge Joel G. Koeltl of Manhattan is currently involved in these issues…”The Literary X-Files in Anti-trust Law’s violation debate ???

  2. Loved your interview with the author of “Uncovered”. I stay in a constant state of agitation because I consume so much news and I can see that the mainstream is purely lying to push a narrative and agenda. The Democrats have very sinisterly taken over the majority of media in order to sell its propaganda and to essentially shout down and intimidate anyone who doesn’t get onboard with their lies. I like your term “glance journalism” to describe how everyone is too busy to pay attention long enough to find out that much of what they’ve been told is untrue. Glad fir the recommendation of “Real Clear Politics”. I so wish someone would do a deep dive into the facts from “2000 Mules”, which fell victim to the “debunked” label. It’s a really big deal that needs investigation. I believe the Democrats are evil enough to have done it and should be exposed.

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