The happiest doctors: plastic surgeons

The following is an excerpt from Becker’s Healthcare Review.

Physicians’ happiness varies greatly by specialty, with plastic surgeons reporting the most contentment outside of work, a Feb. 24 Medscape report found. 

The report is based on survey responses from 9,175 U.S. physicians polled between June 28 and Oct. 3, 2022. 

Here’s how the specialties rank on happiness outside of work, according to Medscape:

Plastic Surgery — 71 percent reported feeling happy or very happy outside of work

Public health and preventive medicine — 69 percent

Orthopedics — 65 percent

Otolaryngology — 65 percent

Urology — 63 percent

Physical medicine and rehabilitation — 63 percent

Ophthalmology — 62 percent

Dermatology — 62 percent 

Pathology — 62 percent

Gastroenterology — 62 percent

Radiology — 61 percent

Click here to see the remainder of specialties.

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4 thoughts on “The happiest doctors: plastic surgeons”

  1. George W Jedras

    I do not see anesthesiologist on the list even though they are a key component of the other specialists success!

  2. As more physicians become employed and are required to remove themselves from the art and science of Medicine (replaced by the business of Healthcare)..more become disillusioned. The only way back is to minimize/eliminate the middlemen. Restore the private, trusted, personal relationships with patients. Maybe we should look at the satisfaction of those who practice by way of Direct Care Models ..DPC or the Surgery Center of Oklahoma. Physicians and Patients are much happier when they don’t struggle with mob like shakedowns inherent in the Big Health Cartel model of Medical care delivery.

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