Women Illegal Immigrant Inmates Sterilized Without Consent (Podcast)

Dawn Wooten is a nurse-turned-whistleblower and tells about a house of horrors where she says women illegal immigrant inmates were operated on and even sterilized without their consent. 

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11 thoughts on “Women Illegal Immigrant Inmates Sterilized Without Consent (Podcast)”

  1. In one of the most disgraceful decisions made by the U.S. Supreme court in 1927, Buck VS Bell the court ruled in favor of involuntary sterilization. As an aside, the ruling on mandatory vaccinations during pandemics in the 1905 Jacobson VS Massachusetts was cited as why the court ruled in favor of involuntary sterilization. Adolph Hitler took note of the rulings and used them to implement his eugenics program which eventually led to the holocaust.

  2. This is terrible. As a silver lining, maybe the story will dissuade some illegals from jumping the border. (I mean, they don’t HAVE to be here in the first place.)

  3. I strongly disagree with the process being forced on these women. They should be given a choice; stay in the US and be sterilized or when their prison sentence is up, leave this country forever and if they ever return, they are to be sterilized. Ain’t it great to have a free country where choice is possible.

  4. The Supreme Court has many rulings that today and in future will be looked upon with horror. Roe v. Wade is one of them that in future when the science is incontrovertible that unborn babies suffer during abortions, particularly late term abortions.

  5. This needs a tribunal. This government is operating with impunity. I can not believe this is the United States

  6. NOBODY told them to come here by breaking our immigration laws! And if that is to be their price of admission, then so be it!! As for the males, remove their penis, which they can have back when they leave!!

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