Asians: the silent minority?; Debate over gas stoves; US military helping fighters globally

Multiple surveys and the US census show that, as a race, Asians in America on average are better educated, happier in their careers, more dedicated to family, and earn more money.

But with this success story comes a price.

We speak to Vietnamese-American Hung Cao on Full Measure

Sunday on Full Measure, we look at the tension between Asian-Americans and other minorities, as some are calling them “white adjacent” and “privileged” due to their achievements.

A case in point is Thomas Jefferson High School in Northern Virginia. The student body at the merit-based science and technology school had grown to be about 75% Asian prompting activists to throw out the admissions exam in order to get more blacks and Hispanics admitted.

We’ll hear from both sides.

Also Sunday, Lisa Fletcher looks at how gas stoves are igniting a national debate on whether we should be permitted to have them at all!

And Scott Thuman shows us how US military training is being used by fighters in Ukraine and around the world.

See you Sunday!

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4 thoughts on “Asians: the silent minority?; Debate over gas stoves; US military helping fighters globally”

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  3. Don’t like the results of an admissions exam that has been effective for decades? Throw out the exam!
    Don’t like the law or cannot find one that applies? Make up your own and throw out the ‘rule of law’!
    Don’t like the US Constitution? Throw out the US Constitution, or at least the parts that block your ideological agendas.
    This is the level of contempt the Leftist have reached in an effort to take down this nation,

    I would suggest those who believe Asians are “white adjacent” privileged should go live in some of those Asian countries for several months. It is the conditions in those countries that provide the drive for Asians to work hard and achieve more than the pampered youth of the USA. Even South Koreans, where I lived for a decade, work hard to make better lives for themselves.
    I am not Asian and was born in the USA. I have met achievers in every race so it is total BS that people use race as an excuse for any problems they may have.
    As for White Privilege; the house this white boy was born into was condemned and we had to move when I was 4 years old. We subsequently moved into a home that was nearly 100 years old when we moved in back in the late 1950s. White privilege my backside!

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