Illegal border crossings surge again in March, nearing a remarkable 200,000

Encounters with illegal border crossers at the US-Mexico border surged dramatically in March compared to February, according to border officials.

Combining illegal immigrant encounters between US Ports of Entry and foreigners processed at Ports of Entry, Border Patrol tallied 191,900 arrivals in March.

That figure is up 23% over the February tally of 156,138.

Acting Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Troy Miller says that the March figures are down compared with the astronomical figures in March of 2022, saying “CBP works around the clock to perform our vital missions including maintaining border security.”

“Overall, in March, encounters of individuals on the Southwest border between ports of entry were down 23% from the prior year, as we continue to respond to the challenges presented by increasing global migration,” he said.

The agency noted that more than two-thirds (69%) of March encounters with illegal border crossers were with single adults.

CBP says the increase from February to March is “typical, as winter temperatures rise with the approaching spring.”

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3 thoughts on “Illegal border crossings surge again in March, nearing a remarkable 200,000”

  1. Sharyl, the situation on the northern border is getting to be just as serious as the southern. I know this because I live just 35 miles from the Peace Arch border crossing, and one of hubby’s friends is CBP as is his wife.

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