CDC: 700% increase in polio cases caused by oral polio vaccine

Polio caused by oral polio vaccine is spreading and paralyzing children outside the United States.

According to CDC, there was an alarming 700% increase in vaccine-derived poliovirus cases last year compared to 2021.

The US stopped using oral polio vaccine in 2000 because it can rarely cause polio in children, but the oral version is still widely used in other countries.

A recent, rare outbreak of polio in the US occurred in New York as a result of a foreign traveler who brought back vaccine-strain polio. It has since been detected in the New York water supply. Health officials say they are monitoring the situation closely.

Unlike oral polio vaccine, the injected polio vaccine carries no risk of transmitting polio.

The answer to the spread of vaccine strain polio outbreaks, according to CDC: More vaccination…

Read more from CDC below.

Update on Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus Outbreaks Worldwide — January 2021–December 2022

Sub-optimal routine immunization and outbreak control since the pandemic hinder polio eradication efforts

  • Vaccine-derived poliovirus can spread and lead to paralysis in infected children in areas with low immunization coverage. Global routine immunization coverage decreased during the COVID pandemic.
  • The introduction of a new oral vaccine for type 2 poliovirus has been associated with a marked decrease in new vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 emergencies and a 36% decrease in the number of paralytic polio cases during 2021‒2022. However, 2022 also saw an approximate 700% increase in type 1 circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus cases — associated with lower routine polio immunization coverage globally — compared to 2021.
  • Three actions are necessary to stop the spread of vaccine-derived poliovirus and make further progress toward ending polio worldwide: strengthen routine polio immunization, detect polio cases in a timely manner, and rapidly respond to outbreaks with high-quality vaccination campaigns.

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5 thoughts on “CDC: 700% increase in polio cases caused by oral polio vaccine”

  1. I wish the CDC would have said to protect US citizens they were making it mandatory that everyone who crosses our border be vaccinated with a quality vaccination and don’t allow anyone in that is a carrier.

    I was part of the initial polio vaccine program in 1954 and recently found that that campaign caused polio in some children.

    It’s disturbing that 69 years later they are still giving polio shots that DO NOT WORK.

  2. Correction – The most common reaction to Sabin Oral Polio Vaccines was not in the child recipient but in the mother of the child who changed its diapers containing the mutated virus excreted in the stool. Known as Contact Polio cases the Vaccine Injury Table automatically pays for polio in the contact of an immunized child within 60 days. Contact spread of polio was an intended use of the vaccine….see Loge v United States, 662 F.2d, 1268….check the actual case report….some summaries miss the fact that the vaccine given the child paralyzed the mother.
    That was my first case out of law school…the last Schafer v American Cyanamid…20 F3d P1…(Breyer)

  3. There are several variables at play with this situation and I have no inclination to attempt to sort through this. Mainly, I do not have a medical background.
    Getting back to real life, I remember those who had polio and their mobility problems, assuming they were even mobile. the introduction of the oral vaccine. I remember the oral vaccine and how we did not need another needle shoved in us.

    I imagine the oral vaccine is used because it is cheaper. Maybe funds could be re-directed from the climate change hoax to cover the cost difference.
    It is obvious we need stronger controls on people entering the US, be it tourists or traveling citizens. Immigrants used to be quarantined.
    If there is a benefit from the oral vaccine, then they need to examine the formula changes, with consideration of other environmental interactions. Compare to the side effects as mentioned above. There is probably more, but I am going to quit now.

  4. It’s hard to trust the makers of vaccine these days. It seems to me something is fishy. Everything has been fine with Polio and even Smallpox vaccines now all of a sudden out of the clear blue sky….

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