‘Leaks for me, not for thee’

The following is a news analysis.

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks

While the news is inundated with the story about the young Air National Guardsman accused of posting high-level national secrets, many ordinary Americans are noticing the double-standards and hypocrisy that seems to have become the norm.

Had the accused man been caught–instead–with the sensitive documents stuffed in a box in his garage, with no way to know who accessed them, would that have been okay? We are being told we shouldn’t be alarmed that this was the case with President Biden and classified material.

Read more about the Biden document saga here.

Journalist Matt Taibbi write further about all of this and you can read his thoughts below and at the link.

The intelligence community has itself been massively interfering in domestic news using illegal leaks for years. Remember the “Why Did Obama Dawdle on Russia’s Hacking?” story by David Ignatius of the Washington Post in January of 2017, outing would-be Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn as having been captured in intercepts speaking with a Russian ambassador? That was just the first in a string of leak- or intercept-based news stories that dominated news cycles in the Trump years, involving everything from conclusions of the FISA court to supposedly secret meetings in the Seychelles.

Matt Taibbi via Racket News

When civilians or whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange (in jail for an incredible four years now), Reality Winner and now the “Discord Leaker” bring leaked information to the public, the immediate threat is Espionage Act charges and decades of jail time. When a CIA head or a top FBI official does it, it’s just news.

Matt Taibbi via Racket News

Read more here: https://racket.news/p/the-crackdown-cometh

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6 thoughts on “‘Leaks for me, not for thee’”

  1. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    In Minneapolis I witnessed a sequence of extraordinary crimes committed by men hired by the largest labor union in the world. I also witnessed a conversation between a Teamster Union Killer and his Criminal Defense Attorney just hours after a Minneapolis Minnesota jury acquitted ROYAL KENNETH HAYES in the murder of a saloon owner in downtown Minneapolis. Speculations about criminal behaviour and Legal Malpractice were directed at lawyer RONALD MESCHBESHER as the murder case against HAYES played out in the US Federal courthouse and on into the newspapers. Claims of suborning perjury were discussed. I filed an extensive case file describing my observations of criminal behavior involving the lawyer, the killer, and others with my employer, The MPD. I was acting within the scope of my authority as a Minneapolis Police Detective at this time. Soon afterwards the entire case file was removed from the Records Division inside Minneapolis Police Headquarters. When I objected, I was threatened and several attempts to kill me followed. So, apparently, it is acceptable behavior to steal police records and then try to kill the police officer who filed the reports. This is a problem ongoing in the USA.

  2. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    Is the Salida Colorado Police Department represented by the (IBT) International Brotherhood of Teamster labor union? Just curious…

  3. Yeah, the security state didn’t knock themselves out finding out who leaked the SCOTUS document.
    We still do not know who planted bombs at the DNC and RNC headquarters in DC prior to January 6th.

  4. Christopher Haid

    This is what the “my truth” generation has wrought. The end of objective truth and the justification of wrong doing.

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