Muslim nations don’t think US is serious about democracy in their region

The following is from Gallup.

  • Majorities in 11 countries disagree U.S. is serious about democracy
  • Most don’t think the U.S. will allow people to fashion their political future
  • Kuwaitis, Jordanians most likely to see U.S. as serious about economy

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In the 20 years since the launch of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the celebrations that ensued in Firdos Square as U.S. Marines and Iraqis brought down a statue of Saddam Hussein, developing Iraq as a democracy has been a key objective for the U.S.

But today, Iraqis and residents of 12 other Muslim-majority nations do not view the U.S. as serious about encouraging the development of democracy in the region, nor allowing people to fashion their own political future as they see fit.

Just over one in four Iraqis surveyed in 2022 agreed with the statement that the U.S. is serious about encouraging the establishment of democratic systems in their region. In Afghanistan, a nation invaded two years before Iraq for different reasons but where promoting democracy was also a key U.S. strategy, 14% agreed that the U.S. was serious about it.

The lowest percentages of adults who shared that view are found across the Palestinian Territories, Tunisia and Iran, where fewer than one in 10 agreed.

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2 thoughts on “Muslim nations don’t think US is serious about democracy in their region”

  1. I would question Gallup’s findings because Democracy needs a proper definition.

    The Founders created a Constitutional Republic and a Nation of Laws. The Founders viewed a democracy as something akin to a “mobocracy”
    Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, and their ilk babble on about preserving our democracy. Today’s Democrats and their allied Leftists have adopted the Founders worst fears which was a Mobocracy.
    I am aware a Republic is a form of democracy, but with restrictions and the Democrats want those restrictions removed.
    Back to democracy in the Middle East, I say leave it alone. We have failed to give them a good reason to establish a democracy. We did not bomb Afghanistan and Iraq into submission, requiring them to surrender like we did Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Then they may be ready.
    My point: The Koran prohibits peace with the Infidel. It limits a truce to 10 years and that is supposed to be broken when they can resume their aggressions. Certain Koranic provisions must go by the wayside before they can be a democracy.

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