POLL: Biden trails Trump and DeSantis

President Joe Biden was elected with a record number of votes, according to the official record. But a new survey finds he trails in a matchup against either Republican Donald Trump or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, also a Republican.

The Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds 47% of likely voters said they would vote for Trump, with 40% voting for Biden and 11% voting for somebody else.

If the race were between DeSantis and Biden, the survey finds 46% said they would vote for DeSantis, 38% for Biden, and 12% for somebody else.

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5 thoughts on “POLL: Biden trails Trump and DeSantis”

  1. Jeb DeSantis is a Murdoch puppet/fraud. Trump is opposed by the most corrupt people in BOTH parties and is therefore the obvious choice. Trump 2024

    1. …who believes in the experimental genetic vaccine for other people while he takes monoclonal antibody therapy for COVID; who promotes canards about Russia-Ukraine relations and recent history, which in reality features toxic U.S. INTERFERENCE designed to aggravate Putin; and who let hang out to dry the Jan. 6 protesters that he egged on to act and who were completely ignored by him while languishing in prison.


    2. Mr Bayer is 100% correct.
      But lets not forget G HW Bush’s contribution to overthrowing our Republic. He introduced the term New World Order in a speech before invading Iraq. (Search “GHW Bush NWO” on YouTube.).

      Bush signed the Global Warming mess in Rio, that gave China a huge economic advantage, bc China was classified as Underdeveloped and therefore, they have been exempt from GW treaty! So under the “treaty” China is actually permitted to pollute as much as they want until ~ 2030 (can’t recall actual year.)

      The real purpose of the “treaty” is to empower the NWO, and deliver the US to Socialism. And the DC UNiparty is doing their part by sending Trillions of US dollars to the EU/NWO to fight “global warming.”

      But the uniparty in DC is just happy to be able to spend our cash and reap the benefits. The GW ‘treaty” was NEVER RATIFIED BY THE SENATE, SO THERE IS NO Global Warming Treaty!
      Its all Uniparty Propaganda!

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