(POLL) More Democrat voters open to voting 3rd party candidate in 2024 race

Nearly a third of American voters would consider voting for a third-party candidate in next year’s presidential race, and Democrats are more open to the idea than either Republicans or independents.

That’s according to the latest Rasmussen Reports.

The survey found that 31% of likely U.S. voters say it is at least somewhat likely they will vote for a third-party candidate in the 2024 presidential election, including 12% who say it’s “very likely.”

Fifty-nine percent (59%) aren’t likely to vote third-party in 2024, including 32% who say it’s “not at all likely.” Another 10% aren’t sure.

More Democrats (35%) than Republicans (29%) or voters not affiliated with either major party (30%) say it’s at least somewhat likely they will vote for a third-party candidate in next year’s presidential election.

To see survey question wording, click here.

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7 thoughts on “(POLL) More Democrat voters open to voting 3rd party candidate in 2024 race”

  1. This Article and politicians and Future ? We need New law makers that recognize what Federal criminal laws that are being broken in all these criminal devices ? Example; AI video’s stealing the identy of a politician or celebrities or other people showing them kicking a puppy that, that person never really did ? = Idenity theft and slander and faulse reporting animal abuse crimes resulting in above mentioned crimes and lawsuits ? You people cannot do anything right in federal cyber crime laws ?

  2. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    If 3rd Party candidates don’t pop up across the political spectrums beginning now, it is proof that the digitized mind, probably of the nano sort, inside the brains of people are actually being controlled, probably by some strange artificial electromagnetic pulse system derived from the CIA Mind Control Programs of the past. Wait, are those programs of the past, or are they still. That is the big question of the day, isn’t it? Are they controlling us, or not?

    1. Thomas Joseph Hussman,

      Re: a Third Party—and controlled-resistance-inflencer Rush Limbaugh

      My post about ( traitorous ) Rush Limbaugh :

      Forwarded Message :


      Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

      One of my chapters in, “Limbaugh Exposed,” is about his
      yearly hammering down of EVERY caller (( beginning in 1987 ))
      supporting beginning a Third Party—for serving real
      CONSERVATION of the Founders’/Framers’ CONSTITUTIONAL

      Limbaugh, as with all conservative talk-show hosts, is REALLY
      SHADOW-Elite controlled !—he/she may keep his/her show if
      one doesn’t break these 6 critical rules :

      1) :
      NO agreement, ever, on creating a 3rd Party for C O N S E R V A T I S M.

      2) :
      Never to speak of GENETICISM to audience—as “All men are created equal,“ genetically, it’s purported (( good genetics – good breeding – is universal for plants and dogs and men—Oops!, but not for men ? )).

      3) :
      Never express support for any EQUALITARIAN treatment of Palestinians.

      4) :
      Never make ANY critical comment against ANY of Israel’s interests.

      5) :
      Never repeat agreement with “Conspiracy Kooks,” as Limbaugh puts it, about anomalies in Feds’ stories—about strange terrorist events which havie no viable (( logical )) explanation, re RED FLAGS countering/questioning the official story.

      6) :
      Never try and challenge VICTIM-Status of any minorities or women—or Israel.

      KEEP following those rules,
      O’Reilly/et al., and KEEP your
      radio show—but lose your



      7) : NEVER say anything of a NEGATIVE intention against Abraham Lincoln (( study black Professor Walter Williams’ Truth-Telling articles about same!; and Thomas Delorenzo’s many, many TRUTHFUL reports—REFUTING all popular-culture opinions about (rabid racist) Lincoln! )).

      8) : NEVER report the UGLY Truth about the life and (hidden) times/crimes of MLK.


      My above post, from Sharyl’s page, might be still here :

  3. A third party candidate would only be viable if big money was taken OUT of politics.
    Since that won’t happen in my lifetime we are stuck with Republican or Democrat vying for POTUS.
    I did vote 3rd party once and a write in another time, both wasted votes which may have helped in a very small way to elect the greater of 2 evils IMO!

  4. We don’t need one more third party, we need two of them, one to specifically replace the RINO-controlled Republican Party and one to specifically replace the Communist-controlled Democratic Party the same way the Republican Party replaced the Whigs in 1850s because their party’s “leaders” were totally out of touch with the interests of their rank-and-file voters. Robert F. Kennedy would be a natural for leading the Democratic Party’s replacement along with the likes of ICAN’s Del Bigtree and ex-Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. Senators Ron Johnson and Rand Paul along with Rep. Tom Massey would seem like naturals for leading the Republican Party’s replacement.

    Both of these new “third” parties, let’s call them the Constitutional Democracy Party and the Constitutional Republic Party, should have their own web sites with video discussions of things like the current party platform, open for comments from rank-and-file party members. The two parties could also have regular online debates, all year, every year, posted on both web sites and also open for comments from the public.

    Both of these new parties could also have a requirement that in order to get their nomination for any office, at the federal, state or local level, a potential candidate would have to pass a college-level test proving that they know both the federal and their own state’s constitutions inside and out.

    Finally, this would be a great place to implement term limits without a Constitutional amendment. Both parties could simply refuse to nominate any candidate for any elective office who has already served more than 20 years in any combination of elective offices.

    1. And what to do about this, Greg Hill,
      as reported by Glenn Beck last week:

      Law schools have
      stopped teaching

      What hidden hand – Deep State ? –
      had managed that part of DISMAN-
      TLENENT of the Founders’/
      Framers’ legacy of Rule-
      by-Law—not the WHIM
      of DICTATORS’ ?

      Speaking of D I S M A N T L E M E N T
      —who is erasing white faces from
      commercial TV, and nearly always
      displaying a white man with a
      minority woman
      COLOR ?

      The Ad Council ?


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