(POLL) Masking still required in almost half of medical offices

The following is an excerpt from MedPage Today.

Nearly half of medical groups continue to require masking even as local public health officials have dropped mask mandates, according to a recent poll from the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA).

Of 859 respondents, 49% said their office still has a mask requirement in place, while 51% said they do not.

Among the medical groups that reported not having a mask requirement, nearly three-fourths (74%) said they had one in place at this point in 2022 and removed those rules within the past year, while the remaining 26% had either previously removed such policies or never had one, the poll found.

The 49% of groups that still have mask requirements varied in how they were enforced, with 72% saying they applied to everyone — patients, staff, and visitors.

Another 20% said they applied only to symptomatic patients and the staff members working with them, and 8% said masks were required for staff but optional for patients and visitors.

The number of practices requiring masking is expected to keep dropping in coming months, MGMA said, “as several respondents told MGMA that they are located in one of the West Coast states set to drop government-mandated mask rules as of April 3.”

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8 thoughts on “(POLL) Masking still required in almost half of medical offices”

  1. We left a family practice medical group because of the masking requirements. My logic is that if they are not up to date on the limitations of masking, or are succumbing to pressure of some sort, then this lack of knowledge or compromise will carry over into other areas where I expect expertise and integrity. Ditto with biology and science programs at schools and colleges.

    1. Shiphrah,

      And—I just purchased a collection
      of dental tools from Amazon, for
      self-cleaning of teeth, because my
      dentist-office requires a mask and 30
      seconds of rinsing ( last visit, I had
      stopped rinsing just a bit before the
      30-seconds had lapsed, then : had
      to start all over, before getting into the
      chair ).

      Mind-control by the Medical Mafia ?


  2. Only time I wear a mask is when I visit the VA. Not that the doctors require one; it is the woke administration that have their heads stuck where the sun won’t shine.
    Once I am out of the waiting room and being seen by the smart people at the VA they do not care about the mask.
    Wonder if one of the directors in the VA have stock in masks??? Can’t think of another reason for it!

  3. Wait?!? You mean over 50% of medical offices AREN’T requiring masks?!? It may be time for me to switch doctors.

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