(READ) Parler is no more

The one-time popular alternative to Twitter has had its ups and downs, rumors of its sale, and the sale falling through.

Now, users today are being greeted with an announcement that Parler no longer exists.

No reasonable person believes that a Twitter clone just for conservatives is a viable business any more [sic].

Starboard Announcement

Below is the announcement at Parler.com

Alexandria, VA – April 14, 2023 – Starboard (Formerly, Olympic Media) announced today that it has concluded the acquisition of Parler, the world’s pioneering uncancelable free speech platform.

No reasonable person believes that a Twitter clone just for conservatives is a viable business any more. By refocusing on the cloud and IT infrastructure space George Farmer has done an exceptional job at successfully leading Parlement into a critically important industry where it has already begun to excel.

Starboard is the perfect home for the Parler brand and its longtime loyal users. “Parler’s large user base and additional strategic assets represent an enormous opportunity for Starboard to continue to build aggressively in our media and publishing business. The team at Parler has built an exceptional audience and we look forward to integrating that audience across all of our existing platforms.” said Ryan Coyne, CEO of Starboard.

While the Parler app as it is currently constituted will be pulled down from operation to undergo a strategic assessment, we at Starboard see tremendous opportunities across multiple sectors to continue to serve marginalized or even outright censored communities – even extending beyond domestic politics.

Advancements in AI technology, along with the existing code base and other new features, provide an opportunity for Starboard to begin servicing unsupported online communities – building a home for them away from the ad-hoc regulatory hand of platforms that hate them.

The terms of the acquisition are not being disclosed although Starboard expects the deal to be accretive by the end of Q2 2023.

About Starboard: Founded in 2018 by Ryan Coyne, Starboard (Formerly, Olympic Media) is a digital media conglomerate that houses business lines focused on digital advertising, fundraising, publishing, and consumer brands. The publishing vertical has expanded aggressively with several recent acquisitions amounting to several-hundred million engaged content consumers annually. Starboard was named the 13th fastest growing company in the nation on the INC 5000, and the fastest growing in advertising / media in 2021. Starboard is based in Arlington, Virginia.

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16 thoughts on “(READ) Parler is no more”

  1. No reasonable person believes that a Twitter clone just for conservatives is a viable business any more? Then why did they want to buy it and shut it down?

  2. When I saw this message this morning I emailed them and told them their action to turn off the app was unacceptable.

    1. Another CIA sponsored tech startup to monitor the right? No one ever does a background check on who creates them and who are the puppet faces placed in as the fake leaders of the companies.

  3. Michelle DelaBarrera

    PFFFFFT!!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!! Nobody believes a twitter-like app only for conservatives is viable? HAHAHA!!!! Der, not anymore. TRUTHSOCIAL destroyed any and all conservative competitors, except Gettr. LOVE how blind and truly uninformed liberals are. . . like babes in the woods. It’s always funny as hell except for when it’s so sad.

    1. TRUTHSOCIAL kicked me off their platform for posting articles showing the dangers of transgenderism, puberty blockers, and Drag Queen shows for kids. AND they kicked me off their platform with zero warning.

  4. This is a joke. Parler failed because they built it on the rails of the enemy, AWS. Then they got canned and had to rebuild. People then flocked to other sites.

    It’s the classic Coke, Pepsi, and Royal Crown Cola. In market categories, only one dominates, while the other falls into second place. The third brand usually becomes obscure.

    The market is now full of alternatives. TruthSocial and Gettr, etc. The censored citizens have formed into smaller tribes now.

  5. I think Parler was attacked in so many ways from the beginning that failure was kind of inevitable especially considering the existence of Gab and Truth Social, Trump’s site. A lot of conservatives have also gone back to Twitter, which is why they put the fraud Elon Musk in charge over there (he’s just another Zuckerberg, Bezos type facade). If they didn’t think Parler would work, why did they spend so much effort crushing it? I would never join a site that issued a statement like that about conservatives. Go have a Bud Light, Starboard.

  6. I was starting to really like Parler, until Amazon shut them down. Never really was able to get back on and the user base crumbled. It’s a shame Truth and Gettr just haven’t reached critical mass.

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