Update on Attkisson v. DOJ over govt. computer intrusion (Podcast)

An update on Attkisson v. DOJ over the government’s illegal computer intrusions. Also we’ll hear about weaponization of the FBI and our federal agencies, and a new Congressional committee to investigate. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) is on the committee.

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5 thoughts on “Update on Attkisson v. DOJ over govt. computer intrusion (Podcast)”

  1. This Article Again ? ..Get the D.O.J. & Homeland Security to Develop New AI servers to go after and stop cyber crime={ Data Brokers, Hackers Big Tech companies engineering and enabling it all, and making a mockery out of there App’s and O.S. Fake privacy rights settings anyhow= Antitrust Grand Illusions scheme of things ! } Trust me you’ll have enough Money to Pay off the Deficit in Charging these people and fighting organized cyber crime… New AI cyber Habitat for Humanity crime fighting ! ” The More you know Sharyl !

  2. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    Many former US military people have come forth with information about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and Unidentified Flying Objects. In my view the interview with Mr. Richard C. Doty a former US AirForce Counterintelligence Officer provides some of the most accurate and mind-blowing information on the topic of concealment by the US Government regarding visitors from other planets. Doty describes how he was read into a Special Access Project and some of his work on the subject of Threat Assessment and other investigations. At one point in the interview Doty acknowledges the current existence of a government project whose aim is to use psychological manipulations to distort the mental state in people who have observed ufos. Sort of a program to drive people crazy if they report seeing a ufo. Really? The effort to discredit witnesses is dangerous territory. If a government will use tax-payer money to descredit the truth in an extraterrestrial investigation, is it far fetched to believe that that govenment would violate its own Constitution as it snoops into a reporter’s computers?

  3. My Earlyier post on this article to clarify .. In the past 30 years there have been several people working in different Gov. agencies Told about on CBS 60 minutes, and in other News agencies that reported these people got caught Hacking and selling documents and secrets to China and or Russia in past History ..I suspect Tech companies collecting users info had Rogue employees in past as well that did same deals with other countries ” You never herd about ? Money for info and files and New Formulas and New Technologies ?

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