Most and least innovative states?

The list of “most” and “least” innovative states by WalletHub might surprise you! The ranking took into effect metrics including “tax-friendliness,” but some of the top winners are places that residents and critics complain about the most. Also taken into account was the “share of STEM professionals” and R&D spending.

The following is an excerpt from Becker’s Healthcare Review.

A new examination of the 50 states and the District of Columbia for innovation-friendliness factors a number of key indicators, from the share of STEM professionals to research and development spending per capita to tech-company density. 

The ranking comes from WalletHub, which looked at 22 weighted metrics to calculate each state’s innovation index score.

Metrics range from projected STEM job demand by 2030; invention patents per capita; and tax-friendliness, among other factors. 

Below are the top 5 cities and bottom 5 cities with their respective scores.

The most innovative 

1. Washington, D.C. — 77.12
2. Massachusetts — 75.48
3. Washington — 67.39
4. Maryland — 65.11
5. California — 64.72

The least innovative

47. Arkansas — 27.97
48. West Virginia — 27.03
49. North Dakota — 26.82
50. Louisiana — 23
51. Mississippi — 21.54

The complete ranking and scoring can be found here

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9 thoughts on “Most and least innovative states?”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    An aside :

    Well, my Muse had had me
    Channel-Surfing last Sunday
    evening, to find you reporting
    on solar panels supplanting
    prime agriculture/farm land.

    Who, in your edit-room, put
    those still-photos together,
    as one showed a beautiful
    blue sky over those solar
    panels—and a sky filled
    with :

    Have you and your team,
    Sharyl, reported on that
    secret Deep State Op. ?

    Also, have you reported
    about HAARP and weather
    wars ? :

    “ A N G E L S don’t PLAY this HAARP, “
    by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeanne
    Manning (1995)

    Page 176 :

    “In 1966, [ Geophysicist Gordon J. ] MacDonald was a member of the President’s Science Advisory Committee and later a member of the President’s Council on Environmental Quality. He published papers on the use of environmental control technologies for MILITARY PURPOSES [ my emphasis ]. The most profound comment he made as a geophysicist was :

    ‘The key to geophysical warfare is the
    identification of environmental insta-
    bilities to which the addition of a small
    amount of energy would release vastly
    greater amounts of energy.’

    “While yesterday’s geophysicists predicted today’s advances, the HAARP program managers ARE DELIVERING [ my emphasis ] on the vision.”

    Think of Kentucky’s unusual Tornado storms!—and Boulder
    County Colorado’s ( not-climate-change-caused ) fires . . .
    and HAARP technicians playing deadly games with U.S. lives,
    so that dumb-as-a-box-of-bent-nails Climate Nazis ( Al Gore )
    can PROFIT from our lack of vigilance.


  2. Mississippi is #51? Since when are there 51 states?
    Have I been asleep? Did I miss something?

    Oh, I see. When did Washington D.C. become a state? Let alone innovative?

    What kind of bogus report is this?

  3. I see another reader caught the gaffe re Washington D.C.–which is not a state. It’s a principality, just like the Vatican, and The City of London. Question: how is the word “innovative” interpreted within the poll’s definition? If ESG mandates are directing a state’s environmental-transhumanist policies, then this may be considered “progressive” or “innovative” in accordance with the WEF/WHO/UN globalist directives. “Innovative” could also be code for the “SMART-CITY” agenda. Thus–more hoodwinking semantic hubris and hyperbole. We need to maintain a higher standard for applied literacy if we are to escape the tentacles of the A.I. octopus.

    1. It looks like in the larger article they are focusing on STEM graduates and the number of companies employing them as their way of rating innovation. There is probably no good way to measure how innovative the final outcome is or whether most of the STEM graduates are just glorified button pushers.

  4. So dem states are the most innovative and republican states the least innovative?
    Hmmm. Any chance the survey is biased?

  5. The list is obvious. The top locations for STEM, tech, etc are also the most-taxed. So the hook is this: if you want employment in STEM, tech, etc, come to these locations so we can milk you of your hard-earned STEM, tech, etc income. Why do these locations have higher STEM, tech, etc opportunities? I betcha’ it’s tax breaks to entice these businesses to move there. Of course, the average person working in STEM, tech, etc would be HORRIFIED to be offered a high paying job in, say, flyover country. EGADS! Why would I work THERE? They don’t drink lattes!

  6. I think this list should be renamed. It’s not the most innovative if instead the main indicator is one of who gets the most grants. Government gives to cronies who suck at the public teat. I know this is an over generalization but let me give you an example.

    NIH funds the huge genome project. Money is given to many organizations who collect samples, scan them and then put them into a massive database. Then additional funds are used to take that raw info and do research. You can call it good or bad but it’s funded by the government and organizations like John Hopkins and Vanderbilt are a key part of it.

    My question for the innovator list folks is if there are other non-obvious ways to get to this result. Because their list includes some of the highest taxed states that have some of the largest out migration. On its face, how can this be correct.

  7. This article in since the 80’s . I dis-agree Indiana is = The untold Truth ?. Also How to engineer in physics a dozen or so Solar Panels into much greater field of energy output then a whole field of solar panels = ( E>>P;E ) Can your State figure out in physics engineering how to do it ? ” Area 15 Indiana ” The Home of New physics idea’s since 1980. Hoosiers do it Better, A new generation with New explanations some copyrighted. = Agent of Fortune ! New Medicines, New physics mass energy and Relativity idea’s. Happy Easter Sharyl !

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