WHO no longer recommends Covid vaccines for healthy kids, adolescents

The following is an excerpt from Just the News.

The U.S. one-size-fits-all Covid-19 vaccine policy, which recommends “up to date” inoculation at all ages regardless of risk level and provides the basis for ongoing mandates in low-risk settings, has become an even bigger international outlier.

The World Health Organization’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization is removing “healthy children and adolescents” from its default recommendations for primary series and booster shots, according to an official “highlights” summary from its meetings the week of March 20.

Recurring boosters beyond the first are no longer recommended by default for the “medium risk group” of healthy adults under 60 and children and adolescents with comorbidities.

SAGE said those should be targeted to older adults, younger adults with “significant comorbidities,” immunocompromised individuals, frontline healthcare workers and pregnant women.

Countries simply get less bang for the buck for Covid vaccination in low-risk populations compared to more important inoculations that have fallen off a cliff since Covid seized the world’s attention, SAGE said in a related statement.

They should consider “contextual factors” such as disease burden and cost effectiveness if they want to continue or expand vaccinations for groups not at serious risk of severe outcomes from Covid, the statement said. 

The revisions are starkly at odds with the newly updated U.S. childhood immunization schedule, which includes 3-4 doses of Covid vaccines for all children starting at 6 months old and is widely used by K-12 school districts to guide their own enrollment mandates. 

The CDC gave Just the News a rare statement when asked about the update, defending its across-the-board “up to date” recommendation last updated in March.

“WHO must consider the public health needs and resources of all nations when it makes recommendations” and the “trade-offs” some must make to achieve the greatest “potential reductions in illness and death” in children, press officer Nick Spinelli wrote in an email.

He didn’t engage with the science of risk that SAGE invoked, instead continuing the CDC’s trend of conflating temporary antibody jumps from each new dose — “protection” — with reduction of severe outcomes for all age groups.

 Read CDC-statement-on-WHO-SAGE.pdf

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2 thoughts on “WHO no longer recommends Covid vaccines for healthy kids, adolescents”

  1. I’m still amazed that the mainstream media cannot even report on the excipients, adjuvants and other toxic elements added to all vaccines. PEG comes to mind in particular: “Polyethylene glycol (PEG), the polymer used in these vaccines for coating the SLNPs, has been indicated as the principal suspect for anaphylactic reactions.” The Pharma/Medical establishment is as unreliable as our Big Agra industry when it comes to safety and science. GMO damage registers barely a blip on the radar re the microbiome and the interferences caused by GMO foods. Ditto–the reports re increases in autism among vaccinated children swept beneath a carpet of lies in order to maintain the billions in profits raked in by the Pharmafia. Another item worthy of consideration: “Aluminum is an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin and the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant.”

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