19 states restrict sex change treatments in children

The left-leaning pharma-supported publication Medpage, which advocates for sex change surgery and treatment in children, is tracking legislation and rules in states aiming to prevent most such surgeries.

Medpage says 19 states have restricted sex-change surgery and treatment in children.

Some medical experts insist gender-changing treatments should not be given to or performed on children. “Gender dysphoria,” or feeling uncomfortable in one’s own sex, has long been treated as a mental illness by psychologists. Other experts say there are environmental exposures; for example the medicine Risperdal, and pesticides and prescription drugs in our food and water; that can cause gender dysphoria, as well as other disorders and illnesses.

Observers have noted that a seemingly large percentage of people who report being dissatisfied with their own sex are autistic. It’s unclear whether that’s because people with the brain disorder “autism” are more likely to suffer from gender dysphoria, or whether it’s simply because there is an autism epidemic: so many children have autism today, it could be a matter of odds that many of those with gender issues would happen to be autistic.

The Centers for Disease Controls recently reported one in 36 eight-year-olds in the US has autism. The incidence is said to be higher among those under age eight. And that doesn’t include those who have autism-related disorders such as Asperger’s and ADD.

Authorities say the autism epidemic began abruptly after the government tripled the vaccine schedule for children in the 90s. Numerous scientific studies have linked vaccine reactions in biologically susceptible children to the explosion in autism; ADD; juvenile diabetes, allergies, skin conditions, juvenile Crohn’s, POTS, and other immune disorders; and “the entire range of neurodisorders.”

Authorities say many minors who have surgery to try to switch genders later change their mind, but are permanently disfigured and psychologically impacted.

Advocates of allowing young children to change sex do not typically investigate potential causes or hormonal disruptors that could be at issue. They say the children and their parents should be able to make the decision for the child when he or she is at a young age, and that it’s an important matter of their mental health and even their survival.

Some people who suffer from gender dysphoria display anxiety, depression and suicidal tendencies. In some instances, advocates claim that changing a child’s physical characteristics to match the opposite gender resolves the mental issues, and is crucial to sound medical treatment. However, in many instances, the children continue to suffer serious psychological problems.

A total of 19 states now have restrictions on gender-affirming care, either via a legislative ban or some other policy action. While the majority of states have enacted legislative bans, three states — Florida, Missouri, and Texas — have restricted access to gender-affirming care via other methods, including new medical board rules, an emergency rule, and an action through the state’s child welfare agency, respectively.


Read the Medpage article here.

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