After Hours: Inspector General on Afghanistan Criticizes Dept. for “Worst Transparency” (Podcast)

*Note: After this podcast published, the US State Dept. contacted the SIGAR and reversed itself, agreeing to cooperate on the Colombo Group audit.

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction says the State Dept. is guilty of “the worst I have seen in transparency” in his 20 years of bipartisan oversight. 

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2 thoughts on “After Hours: Inspector General on Afghanistan Criticizes Dept. for “Worst Transparency” (Podcast)”

  1. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    People will boast about their riches as they conceal the deceitful mechanisms they used to accumulate wealth. They will claim ownership of a construction project undertaken by craftsmen and describe the project in terms of “we built that” or “we accomplished this or that” when all he did was count and distribute the money, without ever picking up a hammer. Such a man will skim millions $$ off the top, the bottem, and any place in between. That same man when stricken with disease will fail to understand his own depravity, even as his family falls apart, he will continue to count his riches and glorify himself in the process, clinging to his ill gotten gains, and clinging to a false justification where no rationalization exists while he pocketed the cash. In his mind he will call it “business” but it is just theft. It is not of God. In Afghanistan the Inspector General has come upon a brick wall of secrecy. The secrecy is built in to the Afghanistan game. The game is designed to maintain regardless of the people in power in Washington DC. The amount of money is so large that it has blinded all who come near it. The problem is that the soldiers know about the game. This is Satan’s playgound. False accusations. Lost truth. Diminshed trust. It’s all wrapped up in a game of deception. Can you see it? No, of course not. It is skillfully concealed by the evil one. If you pull back the curtain, you will be accused of something, anything. False accusation is his centerpiece. Tucker Carlson suggested a 10 minute daily prayer for the USA. I concur.

  2. Thank you for continuing to report on this critical issue and what SIGAR is finding. You seem to be about the only journalist who is, and who has consistently. I would wage that the vast majority of Americans wouldn’t even know that there WAS a SIGAR without you.

    Thank you!

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