Bank Failures; Boys Playing on the Girls’ Teams; Narco-Tourism

Three of the four biggest bank failures in American history have occurred in less than two months and regulators are working nonstop behind the scenes to avert a broad financial crisis.

Sunday on Full Measure, I’ll investigate the causes behind the instability. I’ll hear from experts with various views on how much we should worry, and how we could be on the brink of potential crisis today, after all of the regulation and tax money spent trying to avoid it. 

Also this week, we tackle the transgender athlete controversy. This debate has been escalating as activists push the issue to new limits. More more males are being allowed to participate on female sports teams, but there’s also growing pushback among states that are passing their own laws to get a handle on the trend. It’s a dispute that’s created unusual allies, with many traditional feminists saying men are infringing upon the rights and opportunities for women.

And we’ll head to South America to learn about the fascinating narco-tourism attraction in a place once known as the world’s murder capital.

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1 thought on “Bank Failures; Boys Playing on the Girls’ Teams; Narco-Tourism”

  1. In order to understand the predictable collapse of an elite-owned (and controlled) Central banking matrix one need only consider the invention of the “Fractional Reserve Banking” program. Obviously, when We the People allow a few entitled families total bank ownership, they will use the banking program for their own wealth maintenance. Allowing a bank to lend 10%-30% of what it holds as an asset pool is a form of a Ponzi scheme. Banks should never have reached the level of global power that they have today. In today’s realm, the FED or the BIS(or Credit Suisse) buy the world’s leaders and therefore control what legislation is enacted. It is in this regard that elections worldwide are a dog and pony show. When enough human beings realize the entire structure of eco-finance is built up a foundation that is quasi-religious in scope,i.e., that ‘Money is God’–we will remain the servants of a debt slavery system: ‘humans as chattel’. It is therefore incumbent upon us to reclaim our power as a majority of Human Beings on planet Earth.

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