China’s US land grab; Covid kids lose lifetime earnings; Illegal immigration inundation– in Europe, too!

Across the country, there’s a new kind of land grab underway. Millions of acres of American land are being bought up by foreign investors, including many from China.

This is yet another example of the influence of China in the US and around the globe as our economic adversary has gotten increasingly aggressive with developing influential financial alliances whether it’s in Africa, South America or right here at home.

Sunday on Full Measure, Scott Thuman reports from Texas on concerns about prime land being purchased by Chinese interests.. sometimes near sensitive military installations.

But doing something about it isn’t quite as easy as banning land sales to foreigners, because there’s another side to the story.

Also Sunday, there’s already been much written and said about the terrible toll the Covid shutdowns took on education and on young people — and the impact is far from over. In fact, for some it’s expected to last a lifetime.

Now for the first time there’s an analysis quantifying just how much a Covid kid is going to lose over a lifetime of earnings.

And an inundation of illegal border crossers! But I’m not talking about the US. It turns out the same thing is happening in Europe.

Full Measure visits an illegal immigration center in Berlin, Germany

I’ll be reporting from the UK and Germany as they grapple with illegal immigration and a growing tide of citizens who want it stopped.

See you Sunday!

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3 thoughts on “China’s US land grab; Covid kids lose lifetime earnings; Illegal immigration inundation– in Europe, too!”

  1. Why are the limp wristed blue mainstream so called conservatives like blithering idiot Hannity whining about China lawfully purchasing property in the US? Shouldn’t the focus be on those who passed the law like all those Republicans facilitated this law??? It’s all about demonization of China… 20 years ago this fear porn would have worked on me but no more!!! Sheryl we are smarter and we can smell the BS

  2. China land grab is very concerning. They are looking world domination, which unfortunately shouldn’t surprise anyone. Looking forward to your report on Sunday.

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