Inside the Smears Against Tucker, Assange, RFK, Jr. & Beyond (Podcast)

For years, progressive PR executive Trevor Fitzgibbon worked alongside Media Matters and other smear groups. But when he ran afoul of the Democrat establishment’s narratives, he became a victim of them.

Now he’s an authority on The Smear– and an expert at analyzing campaigns against high profile targets.

Hear what he has to say about Tucker Carlson, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Presidential Candidate RFK, Jr., Media Matters, and journalism today.

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4 thoughts on “Inside the Smears Against Tucker, Assange, RFK, Jr. & Beyond (Podcast)”

  1. As someone whose life has little to do with media, this was a fascinating (and scary) discussion. I have mainly lived in the science world, but science has gotten sucked into media more than usual recently, double entendre intended. It seems that in today’s “information landscape”, so much of what we believe depends upon what cultural cult we follow, and we are too easily manipulated. “Ritual defamation”. What an apt phrase. We have certainly seen that a lot. A big problem is that we don’t know what we don’t know, and if nothing pierces our bubble, we cannot learn or grow. When the “information handlers” limit what is heard, we all just get stupider. Looking forward to your next book.

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