(READ) Prevalence of autism: 1 in 35 eight-year-olds

According to CDC, one in 35 eight-year-olds in the US had an autism-related brain disorder in 2020…and the true number is even worse today, three years after the data that was analyzed. Even more concerning, the numbers are higher among children under age eight. And autism occurs at a significantly higher rate in American boys than in girls.

In 2000, many experts declared an emergency when the rate had suddenly spiked to one in 150 children.

CDC concludes the shocking prevalence shows the need to spend more resources identifying and treating autism. Oddly, nothing is said about the need to identify what’s causing the epidemic so it can be prevented in the first place.

Countless studies, government court documents, and medical experts have linked vaccines to autism in children with biologic or genetic susceptibilities. The autism epidemic coincides with the time that the government tripled the childhood vaccine schedule in the 90s. Additionally, during the same time period, other immune-related disorders have also spiked in children. That includes Crohn’s disease, POTS, allergies and asthma, skin allergies and rashes, juvenile diabetes, celiac and more.

Some government officials have repeatedly stated there is no evidence of a link between vaccines and autism, or that the theory has been “debunked.” However, court documents show the government secretly acknowledged such injuries two decades ago, and the government’s own top medical expert eventually said he had been wrong and that vaccines do “rarely” cause autism, after all. He signed an affidavit saying the Dept. of Justice fired him as an expert witness when he told them vaccines can cause autism, and covered up his opinion.

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CDC: 1 in 150 kids has autism-related brain disorder


CDC: 1 in 35 8-yr-olds has autism-related brain disorder. 1 in 23 boys.


Prevalence and Characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder Among Children Aged 8 Years — Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network, 11 Sites, United States, 2020


Problem/Condition: Autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Period Covered: 2020.

Description of System: The Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network is an active surveillance program that provides estimates of the prevalence of ASD among children aged 8 years. In 2020, there were 11 ADDM Network sites across the United States (Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, Tennessee, Utah, and Wisconsin). To ascertain ASD among children aged 8 years, ADDM Network staff review and abstract developmental evaluations and records from community medical and educational service providers. A child met the case definition if their record documented 1) an ASD diagnostic statement in an evaluation, 2) a classification of ASD in special education, or 3) an ASD International Classification of Diseases (ICD) code.

Results: For 2020, across all 11 ADDM sites, ASD prevalence per 1,000 children aged 8 years ranged from 23.1 in Maryland to 44.9 in California. The overall ASD prevalence was 27.6 per 1,000 (one in 36) children aged 8 years and was 3.8 times as prevalent among boys as among girls (43.0 versus 11.4). Overall, ASD prevalence was lower among non-Hispanic White children (24.3) and children of two or more races (22.9) than among non-Hispanic Black or African American (Black), Hispanic, and non-Hispanic Asian or Pacific Islander (A/PI) children (29.3, 31.6, and 33.4 respectively). ASD prevalence among non-Hispanic American Indian or Alaska Native (AI/AN) children (26.5) was similar to that of other racial and ethnic groups. ASD prevalence was associated with lower household income at three sites, with no association at the other sites.

Across sites, the ASD prevalence per 1,000 children aged 8 years based exclusively on documented ASD diagnostic statements was 20.6 (range = 17.1 in Wisconsin to 35.4 in California). Of the 6,245 children who met the ASD case definition, 74.7% had a documented diagnostic statement of ASD, 65.2% had a documented ASD special education classification, 71.6% had a documented ASD ICD code, and 37.4% had all three types of ASD indicators. The median age of earliest known ASD diagnosis was 49 months and ranged from 36 months in California to 59 months in Minnesota.

Among the 4,165 (66.7%) children with ASD with information on cognitive ability, 37.9% were classified as having an intellectual disability. Intellectual disability was present among 50.8% of Black, 41.5% of A/PI, 37.8% of two or more races, 34.9% of Hispanic, 34.8% of AI/AN, and 31.8% of White children with ASD. Overall, children with intellectual disability had earlier median ages of ASD diagnosis (43 months) than those without intellectual disability (53 months).

Interpretation: For 2020, one in 36 children aged 8 years (approximately 4% of boys and 1% of girls) was estimated to have ASD. These estimates are higher than previous ADDM Network estimates during 2000–2018. For the first time among children aged 8 years, the prevalence of ASD was lower among White children than among other racial and ethnic groups, reversing the direction of racial and ethnic differences in ASD prevalence observed in the past. Black children with ASD were still more likely than White children with ASD to have a co-occurring intellectual disability.

Public Health Action: The continued increase among children identified with ASD, particularly among non-White children and girls, highlights the need for enhanced infrastructure to provide equitable diagnostic, treatment, and support services for all children with ASD. Similar to previous reporting periods, findings varied considerably across network sites, indicating the need for additional research to understand the nature of such differences and potentially apply successful identification strategies across states.

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14 thoughts on “(READ) Prevalence of autism: 1 in 35 eight-year-olds”

  1. For years I have tried to find the answer to my question of “has anyone ever researched to find a connection between ultrasound and the increase in autism?” You might be the one to do that research. I saw my first ultrasound about 40 years ago when I watched my daughters first one. It seemed to me the baby became agitated and moved away trying to escape. A small blob at the time but we know the brain develops quite early, and there were tiny little limbs to move.

    1. Ruth Hoese,

      ADHD is a contrived hoax !—actually :
      caused by kids consuming sugar and/
      or caffeine ( all you can drink fast-food
      soda fountains )—and too often
      misdiagnosed as AUTISM.

      Autism is caused by ( dangerous )
      inoculations and their TOXIC
      number of shots required for toddlers/
      kids—and the very damaging schedule
      of shots given/demanded in a very
      short period of time ( mothers getting
      injected during pregnancy for, say,
      flu-bugs ).

      And genetics conveying low-IQ, which
      can be designated “AUTISM” by mothers
      and “good hearted” doctors—to get government benefits for poor moms;
      see at DuckDuckGo : “. . . Individuals with autism may be eligible to receive
      SSI to help support them financially. Information on this and other programs
      can be found at http://www.ssa.gov. You can also review the following links which
      further explain the SSI program for children and adults with disabilities,
      family financial criteria, how to apply, and more . . . “.



      Social(ist) (In)Security drives America toward economic ruin !, as even young
      imported Visa workers may bring their aging parents to here—to receive
      financial benefits paid by you, dear struggling American citizen !

    1. None of these companies have any liability & make tons of money. Everyone gets a kickback. The CDC & other various agencies are run by these same drugs companies.

      No vaccines are good. They make babies get them so they can deny it was the vaccines. When children can speak one day & the next day, after a vaccine, they can’t it is clearly the vaccines. That’s why they want children vaccinated immediately – to hide their criminality again.

  2. Chad Rohlfsen DC

    I believe that vaccines contribute to increasing the spectrum of Autism through neural-Cascading of the immune response. The cause I believe is the introduction of High Frequency ultra-sound waves introduced at key points of neural development in the fetus. I would like to see MUCH more research into this possible hypothesis.

    But It seems that people aren’t interested in finding possible causes. The Ultra-sound industry is perhaps “To big to fail”? Just my two cents.

  3. Autism is due to glutathione depletion by acetaminophen aka Tylenol when given as a fever reducer in the peri-vavccination period. The Autism epidemic began with the increased use of Tylenol after aspirin was incorrectly linked to Reye’s syndrome in children in 1982.
    The depletion of glutathione impairs the ability to metabolize metals in the brain.

  4. While working on a DBA, I did a paper on autism. What my research found was that the bar for diagnosis of autism has been drastically lowered. Main reason was economical. Caring for a child on the spectrum is. expensive. If your child is diagnosed with autism, then they are eligible for free tax payer paid health care and access to NGO care agencies that would not be available if not for the diagnosis. Doctors are human, soft, and caring, so they save the parents thousands of dollars, the child get more care, we keep paying for others, and numbers get higher, but not the need..
    Like ADHD, there wasn’t a problem before they was cure.

  5. This Article and Autism !.. Suspect the Molecular Root causes can be Found in Chromosome ~ Transitional regulations, involving Genetics and Sometimes Genetics + Environmental condition’s, Example; Eukaryotes Vs. Chaperone Proteins Metamorphism and or E= ( Subgroups Pi, ) = Related to each persons Genetics abnormal changes… When I spent a Year and a Half with Chemical research and Acid’s to create a New Cancer Drugs and another year and a half on New Antibiotics Formulas documented with the Federal Trade Commission in a past filed complaint, involving in a past hacking case, these things also occurred to me in life and thoughts ? This Info from Bill Andrews Rochester, IN

  6. Low frequency ultrasound (US) is use in labs as a scissor to cut selected genes producing a control lab mutation .Low frequency is use to protect DNA structure from damages.
    Most human enzymes inactivated or are destroyed at temperature of 40°C or above. Why FDA allow manufacturers to produced US equipment (high frequency) capable to overheat a fetus and affect it DNA structure (cavitation) during a regular prenatal imaging session.
    This is my contribution to a new(?) conspiracy theory. I know it sound to simple to be true even naive but can explain to mention on of the possible damages the rapid increase of ASD prevalence during the past 40 year.Thank for your attention.

  7. My earlier post other thoughts in Chromosome ~ Metabolic Transitional Regulations = A Metabolic breakdown in Adenosine Diphoshate function causing adverse reactions in intercellure Genetic function activity, as a further example | E……E’ | Matrices I would assume _ Wm. Andrews info feedback… You might even look into this with other diseases like Parkinson’s + Dementia , Alzhiemers ???

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