Worldwide confidence in childhood vaccines down 40%

The following is an excerpt from The Vaccine Reaction.

A new report conducted by the Vaccine Confidence Project published by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) concluded that confidence in childhood vaccines has dropped by 44 percent in 52 countries in recent years.

The report surveyed 55 countries and all but three countries—China, India and Mexico—showed a steep decline in vaccine confidence since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

South Korea and Papua New Guinea saw a 44 percent decline and Ghana, Senegal and Japan saw more than a one-third decrease in belief in the importance of childhood vaccines following the pandemic.

In the United States there was a decline of 13.6 percent in the belief that vaccines are important for children.

The report said that an estimated 67 million children did not receive vaccinations who otherwise would have before the pandemic was declared, with an estimated 48 million children not receiving any routine childhood vaccinations at all.

Overall, vaccination levels fell in 112 countries during the Covid pandemic.

Jason Terk, MD, a pediatrician in Dallas, Texas, warned in 2022 that there is more skepticism about vaccination in general among parents since the Covid pandemic and questions about Covid vaccine safety. “There’s a greater proportion of parents who are questioning routine vaccines.” 

The latest vaccine hesitancy data from around the world seems to confirm Dr. Terk’s observation.

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6 thoughts on “Worldwide confidence in childhood vaccines down 40%”

  1. Praise God, people are waking up ??

    Thimersol killed our two children. My 1918 medical book speaks of injudiious use of mercury in medicine. 1921 FDA gives Eli Lilly a patent for. Thimersol.

    Mercury unwinds DNA so it can be cloned. It’s not going anywhere. It’s 100 year old lie that is needed for the sick crap they are making today and injecting into our kids.

    MRNA is supposed to stand for messenger RNA. I personally think it stands for Medusa.!

    Look into J Craig Venter ??

    You are the best! Sincerely, Jody

    1. Jody Borgman,

      And, to continue your list.
      Hollywood “unwinds” civil/
      moral society for HEDONISM :

      Forwarded Message :

      — How Hollywood Corrupts Adults and Children : —



      – how self-censorship has turned to ‘anything goes’ hedonism –

      Parents of children have grossly underestimated the power – the powerfully bad influence – of movies, books, and music to seduce their kids into behaving in destructive and immoral ways.

      One can hear liberals who read the above paragraph drop into their weak-brained drone about beginning censorship. That response only confirms their lack of insight into the ongoing struggle for self-censorship that many Americans would like to practice for the sake of their children and communities, but Hollywood’s seduction is a formidable enemy to family values.

      Hollywood and media types always say, in defense of the ever-declining standards for controlling sex and violence in movies and television, that “we only give the public what it wants to see”—as if the entertainment industry is only reactive and doesn’t aggressively employ sexual titillation, provocative music, violence, and visual wizardry to seduce a gullible and morally weak public, especially children and teen-agers.

      For the average adult or child,
      one’s attempt at self-censorship
      invariably fails to withstand the
      “I’m just curious” attraction for
      bizarre and strange entertainment
      —or, at least, that’s the initial
      thought for many people, just to
      observe out of curiosity. And
      since curiosity is natural to humans,
      we put aside self-censorship again
      and again only to find ourselves
      prepared to watch the next lowered
      standard for perverse entertainment
      —just out of curiosity.

      America’s moral decline can’t be stopped without strong community standards, raised up between the purveyors of degenerate entertainment and a naturally weak citizenry. That’s what moral leadership is for in our politicians, ministers, priests, rabbis, and community leaders—to set an example and a standard for which the public can gauge their ethical and moral health.

      Good people attempt self-censorship; the majority understands the corrupting influence of giving in to Hollywood’s hype. But they’re continually being seduced into lowering their standards by a morally corrupt entertainment industry. Hollywood isn’t just giving Americans what they want to see, but seducing them into consuming immoral entertainment, much like the street prostitute who bares her breasts for a passing family man, in hope of breaking his standard of moral self-censorship.

      Any rational mind can see where such commerce in immoral entertainment eventually leads. We’ve witnessed the results of such fare for several decades. Once the veil of decency was broken – once Hefner won his court fight to publish Playboy (1953) and once Hollywood beat back formal censorship (1963) – a money-hungry entertainment industry was free to cycle over and over again their seductive scheme:

      Present sexually and/or violently
      provocative material for appealing
      to the public’s curiosity, then,
      once the public has become comfortable
      with that level of sewage, lower the
      standards once again—but not so much
      that formal censorship might be
      triggered; it’s a gradual, incremental

      Such a process eventually degenerates into a total breakdown of civilization—as America is beginning to demonstrate, and as previous civilizations demonstrated before her.

      We’re witnessing in America the
      result of kids getting vicarious
      permission from Hollywood,
      television, novels and music to
      behave in destructive and immoral
      ways. So while parents and churches
      try instilling moral values in their
      children, the entertainment industry
      works hard to seduce them into
      immorality. Which do you think has
      the greater influence?

      While a Madonna, a Cher, a Liz, or an Eddie Murphy or Mick Jagger or “2 Live Crew” stands uncontested as role model for the young, how are parents going to make their own case for honorable living (not to mention parents having to combat the influence of dozens of teen sex movies that spewed forth from Hollywood’s sewer through the Seventies and Eighties, which vulgar fare glorified drugs and reduced sexuality to a “just having fun” pastime).

      With the ACLU ever-primed and -ready to argue constitutional protection for most any public display of depravity – and without effectual opposition from judges, legislators, and community leaders – is it any wonder social/moral disintegration proliferates in America?

      The decline continues apace, and only through well-reasoned censorship – through majority will – may the deadly course be altered.

      The fault for America’s decline in
      civility does not lie with the public,
      but with a powerful minority of evil
      men and women who fight parents for
      control of their children—by seducing
      them through movies, TV, books and
      music produced by a degenerate liberal
      culture that gives vicarious permission
      for kids to behave in destructive
      and immoral ways.


  2. I am sure a good part of that is people’s confidence in the UN itself. In my case, I haven’t donated to UNICEF or other UN charities since my boss told us how much we had to donate if we wanted a raise next year. He wanted 100% donations so he could get plaque.

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