500-time sperm donor banned over incest fears

After fathering an estimated 500 to 600 children, a Dutch man was banned from donating sperm. That  following a court case that raised concerns over accidental incest and inbreeding. 

The following is an excerpt from Reuters.

The 41-year-old Dutchman, identified by de Telegraaf newspaper as Jonathan Meijer, was forbidden to donate more semen to clinics, the court ruling said.

He could be fined 100,000 euros ($110,000) per infraction.

The court also ordered Meijer to write to clinics abroad asking them to destroy any of his semen they have in stock, except doses reserved for parents who already had children by him.

The decision came after a civil case started by a foundation representing the interests of donor children and Dutch parents who had used Meijer as a donor.

They argued that Meijer’s continued donations violated the right to a private life of his donor children, whose ability to form romantic relationships are hampered by fears of accidental incest and inbreeding.

Link to article here.

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3 thoughts on “500-time sperm donor banned over incest fears”

  1. Now isn’t that like “closing the barn door after the horses are out”? I a small country like theirs with 500-600 kids growing to be adults there is a strong the one you fall in love with could be you stepsister or brother. A gene pool for disaster lies ahead.

  2. Sperm donations for profit are morally wrong, and so is giving sperm away. Children have right to their father and he has responsibilities to them. Diverting from God’s plan always ends up badly.

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