(STUDY) ‘Forever chemicals’ in food and packaging linked to weight gain

The following is an excerpt from WebMD.

Heavily used “forever chemicals” found in food packaging and other consumer goods are contributing to weight gain, a new study has found.

The study focused on PFAS (perfluorinated alkylate substance) exposure. It was published in the journal Obesity.

“They are colorless, tasteless, and odorless, and often are used to create barriers or stop liquids from seeping,” the University of Rhode Island said in a press release. “The chemicals coat pizza boxes and microwave popcorn bags, nonstick cookware, and waterproof clothing, and stop stains from sinking into carpet and furniture.”

Higher PFAS levels in blood promote weight gain and make it harder for people to maintain a weight loss, the researchers found.

Earlier studies showed PFAS contributed to weight gain and high cholesterol levels in children, the release said.

“We now focused on adults who participated in an experimental study of five different diets in regard to weight gain,” said Philippe Grandjean, MD, who has a research professor appointment within the URI College of Pharmacy. “Our results add to the concern that environmental pollution may be affecting our metabolism, so that we tend to gain weight.”

“No matter the diet that these participants were assigned to, they gained weight if they had elevated PFAS exposures,” the release said.

Link to article here.

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6 thoughts on “(STUDY) ‘Forever chemicals’ in food and packaging linked to weight gain”

  1. Thanks Sheryl. I appreciate your reporting on this subject. This is a disgrace, of course, but I’d like to see studies by mainstream websites like Web MD do a similar study on levels of glyphosate in the common food supply. Do you think that the “powers-that-be” will do anything to reduce these PFAS levels in the common food supply? I see alarming reports like this, regarding levels of other toxins in foods, and wait to see what happens. I can’t remember the last time any reports of something obviously wrong with properties contained in the food supply were addressed and required to be removed from said foods.

    1. Red Dye 2 was banned in the ’70’s only to be replaced with Red Dye 40 which is proving to be not so good either. Now they want to feed us bugs. Are they going to quit using pesticides?

      1. JAR and Susan,

        Forwarded Message :

        — ( AAA,AAA ) MSG, Sugar, Fluoride—Oh, My ! ! ! ( Dr. Naomi Wolf’s Page ) —

        MSG, Sugar, Fluoride—Oh My ! ! !

        Go back to the early 1920’s, folks, when the precursor to the FDA – a scientific commission for protecting our food supply from adulteration – had determined sugar additives to be dangerous to human health .

        Politics – trumping health – had protected sugar-dependent Coca-Cola—because it was determined to be a national ICON/Treasure ( read “Sugar Blues” ).

        MSG, in all foods, is used by scientists to fatten mice —to test anti-diabetes drugs ( an actual cause of over-FAT Americans !, followed by sugar consumption ).

        Fluoride doesn’t protect against cavities, but deadens the ( spiritual gland ) : pineal—used in Nazi concentration camps to tamp down aggression in prisoners.

        Oh, My ! ! !

        Above post ( slightly re-edited here ) :
        Re : https://dailyclout.io/eat-your-vaccines-mrna-gene-therapy-is-coming-to-the-food-supply-this-month/comment-page-3/#comment-54341


        1. Oh, My!!! You always come through with the most up to date info. How do you do it? Thank you….for scaring the living daylights outta me!

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