Tucker moves his show to Twitter

Watch Tucker Carlson’s announcement that he’s moving the program he presented on Fox News for six-and-a-half years to the “only free speech platform” of its kind left: Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Tucker moves his show to Twitter”

  1. If anything, a Carlson show on Twitter is likely to be even more-popular than it was on Fox, since it presumably will be watched by people whenever they want to watch it and it will be only as long as it needs to be. Those are two outmoded constraints put on TV network programming — having to fill an entire timeslot — whether half hour, hour, hour and a half, or two hours — and having it air at a time when the network wants/needs it to air, not when viewers would prefer to watch it.

    The only question will be whether Twitter gives Carlson editorial freedom or tries to make decisions for him about what he covers and how he covers it.

    Will Carlson consciously or subconsciously try to avoid ruffling Twitter feathers and produce truly maverick content? Can Musk keep his nose out of Carlson’s content decisions? Will Carlson be free to criticize Musk or Twitter?

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