After Hours: On the Road in the Midwest (Podcast)

We’re traveling to research and shoot new stories for Full Measure Season 9.

Find out where we are and what we’re working on with Investigative Producer Daniel Steinberger and Photographer Lee Jenkins.

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2 thoughts on “After Hours: On the Road in the Midwest (Podcast)”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Have you reported on USAID’s
    efforts at destroying America for
    Global Economic Socialism ? :

    Forwarded Message :


    Re : your report,

    In the mid-Eighties,
    USAID had composed
    a social studies plan
    sent to all 3rd world
    schools, which plan
    provided details of
    every U.S. state, then,
    at end of lessons, ask-
    ed students within
    which state they’d
    choose to live.

    Next, came providing
    3rd worlders free cell
    phones—so they’d be
    motivated to get to “a
    better life,“ after seeing
    how Whitey lives on
    those tiny screens, stuf-
    fing food into their mouth
    and always appearing

    And you know the rest
    of the story—due to “our”
    State Department’s
    Communist, One-World

    -see why it works to
    destroy Trump ? :

    New World Order—for
    Global Economic Socialism.


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