Alleged political censorship of candidate RFK Jr.

From the office representing fundraisers for Democrat Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who is running against President Biden for president in 2024.


“We Just Can’t Put Out this Content.” 

EINPRESSWIRE Refuses to Send out Press Release Announcing New Super PAC, American Values 2024 

When asked why, company spokesperson stated, “we just can’t put out this content,” and then hung up.  Further calls were left unanswered. 

Original Press Release Below 


American Values 2024 Launches with More than $5.7M

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK — A new Super PAC dedicated to electing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. the President of the United States officially launched today.  Named American Values 2024, the effort aims to elevate his message to fight corruption and end censorship. 

Individuals or corporations can donate here

American Values 2024, which has already raised more than $5.7M, will generate earned media and paid advertising as well as set up state-by-state grassroots operations in support of Kennedy’s candidacy.   

The Super PAC is spearheaded by attorney and publisher Tony Lyons, (owner of Skyhorse Publishing which publishes Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s books) and Mark Gorton, Chairman at Tower Research Capital and the creator of LimeWire.  John Gilmore is Director of National Outreach. 

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr has fought government corruption and corporate greed for the past 40 years,” said Lyons, co-founder of American Values 2024.  “As president, he will fight for the American people against the widespread corporate capture of government agencies. He will bring back free speech, make our southern border impervious, end the forever wars, outlaw big pharma advertising, and help rebuild the middle class so that all Americans can prosper—not just the 1%.”  

Among the first priorities for American Values 2024 is to create a level playing field and force the Democratic National Committee to allow Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to debate President Joe Biden and other candidates.    

“For decades, Bobby has spoken truth to power – from corporate polluters to Big Pharma and as a consequence has been censored and intensely criticized, but he keeps on telling the truth,” said Gilmore, Director of National Outreach for American Values 2024. “That’s the definition of integrity and more and more people are recognizing it.” 

CONTACT: [email protected] 

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12 thoughts on “Alleged political censorship of candidate RFK Jr.”

    1. It has been on and off the internet for some time but Marco Polo has released their “report” on Hunter along with a vast trove of documents including suspicious activity reports filed by the banks, a demand on the banks for their records of the Hunter related accounts issued well. before the last election.

      As a lifelong Republican I believe the best thing I can do now for my country is to donate to the Kennedy for President campaign , If Biden is re=elected. Harris and others are going to be running the country.

  1. Estimada Sharyl; Thanks for opening up this volatile subject!

    There is indeed massive censorship on the Vaccine issue. Did you know that the CEOs of Pfizer, Mode/RNA and Astrazeneca were indicted for Genocide in the Hague’s Lower Court, the ICC, December 6, 2021. CAndidates and those supporting them, like RFK Jr for which I am proud to endorse as Founder of United Nations Santa Fe, which you should be hearing a lot more about after the 78th UN General Assembly September 15, to November 15 of this year!

    Here is a press release I put out on this:

    This is the first part of the Press release:

    Update from UN Santa Fe about Pharmaceutical Genocide Prosecution in the Hague Courts
    South Holland, Netherlands Jun 5, 2023 ( – As Founder of the newest branch of the United Nations in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and having been recognized as such by heads of state, starting with the Royal Family of Spain more than 3 years ago, plus numerous United Nations Ambassadors, I am baffled by the slowness the 2 Hague courts in continuing the prosecution of 16 pharmaceutical genocidists, whose indictments were accepted by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, a Brit born Pakistani, the indictments given the number OTP CR 473 021.

    Very few articles on this subject have been published in the USA Media, only about 3, in California, Kentucky, and Minnesota, the most definitive of which was by a physician with two specialties of practice, who out of fear for what he was writing about, was compelled to use a pseudonym, Dr. Justus R. Hope, M.D. That can be read by searching these terms: and was published December 20, 2021, in Brawley, California. Take 20 minutes and read it, please.

    1. Stephen Fox,

      So, the plan is to SEDUCE every
      U.S. state !—for eventuating your
      ( (secret) ) Global Economic
      Socialism (( my term, hatched in
      1987, to wake up sleeping conser-
      vatives and libertarians )); and to
      ( (secretly) ) confer SEXUAL
      “”rights” on children, apart from
      the ( millennia-old ) PARENTAL right
      to raise their biological children to
      mentally / physically / HEALTHY
      maturity ?

      The U.N. is a MARXIAN-purposed
      organization—and inimical to the
      principles/values/beliefs of America’s
      FOUNDING / Christian / MERITOR-
      IOUS and white LEADERSHIP
      (( think of, say, Thomas Jefferson,
      Stephen )).


        1. P.P.S.

          What’s RFK Jr’s position
          on U.N.’s political / financial /
          domination of the Founders’/
          Framers’ American / Self-
          Government / We-the-People
          experiment ?

          The Founding Fathers would
          have repudiated that anti-MER-
          ITORIOUS / anti-Christian /
          anti-WHITE-male / pro-Commie
          organization being parked on
          U.S. soil.

          1. I am hoping RFK Jr. will not only address the UN General Assembly soon after September 15 when it convenes, but that he will also take a day or two off from the hustings [Old English husting ‘deliberative assembly, council’, from Old Norse hústhing ‘household assembly held by a leader’, from hús ‘house’ + thing ‘assembly, parliament’; hustings was applied in Middle English to the highest court of the City of London, presided over by the Recorder of London. Subsequently it denoted the platform in Guildhall where the Lord Mayor and aldermen presided, and (early 18th century) a temporary platform on which parliamentary candidates were nominated; hence the sense ‘electoral proceedings’.] and speak as Amicus Curie to the ICC and ICJ. Biden, and Trump never did do that.

  2. Its been my opinion all along there is a subversive element by the media for one but also the Democratic Party to keep Kennedy out of the picture. Lets keep sleepy Joe right there. We can have our cake and eat it too. Much like Trump they fear Kennedy as a front runner and will do everything possible to keep him silent by keeping him out of the news. No news, no talk show appearance, no tv interviews, no coverage of Kennedy. Its a multifaceted criminal organization.

  3. weve got lucifarians running the show, they will do whatever it takes to fullfill thier agenda. de-population for a controllable few.

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