Surgeon to resign from top hospital post after fraud allegations

The following is from Becker’s Healthcare Review.

James Luketich, MD, the longtime cardiothoracic chair at Pittsburgh-based [University of Pittsburgh Medical Center] (UPMC) will step down from his role following a federal false claims settlement, the health system confirmed to Becker’s on June 9. 

UPMC did not confirm a reason for the exit or provide further comment. 

In February, UPMC, University of Pittsburgh Physicians and Dr. Luketich agreed to pay $8.5 million to the Justice Department to resolve the whistleblower suit brought about by a former UPMC cardiothoracic surgeon.

Prosecutors alleged that the defendants illegally submitted hundreds of false claims to Medicare, Medicaid and other government health programs over a six-year period.

Dr. Luketich allegedly performed up to three complex surgeries at the same time, did not participate in “key and critical” portions of his cases and had patients under anesthesia for long periods as he moved between operating rooms, resulting in complications for some patients.

Under federal law, it is illegal for surgeons at teaching hospitals to bill CMS for two concurrent surgeries if the surgeon is not present for all key and critical portions of the procedure. 

Although Dr. Luketich, 69, will exit his leadership role at the end of June, he will remain on staff as a surgeon and perform research; he will also continue to hold an endowed professorship, a spokesperson for the health system told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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8 thoughts on “Surgeon to resign from top hospital post after fraud allegations”

  1. Resign? He should be flogged out the building, all the way to his getaway car, ( newest, largest luxury model available, no doubt!).

  2. This Article and Norah O’ Donnell report last night’s CBS nightly News = 6/15/2023 Nightly news report about Hospitals shutting down for other reason’s that was half the story truth ? In the past 8 years this story facts of Sharyl’s story, over charging for procedures, Along with Covid-19 damages, is the real 60 % root cause reason’s why hospitals shutting down across the U.S..A… I would invite Sharyl to foreword fact checks Norah and 60 Minutes not to try and make Norah look bad or anything ?… = New two sides to the story as to why fact check ” Good job Sharyl ?.

  3. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Western Medicine began to fail
    when it adopted a business
    model of KEEPING the Patient
    sick—for a steady profit-stream.

    Nutrition Science is the future
    of R E A L medicine—an actual
    means to good mental and
    physical health !


    1. P.S.

      Root Cause of most SUICIDES
      and MASS SHOOTINGS :

      Forwarded Message :


      Don’t be part of the GROWING
      I D I O C R A C Y in America, as
      you don’t address the major
      cause of suicides and Thug
      violence : the Medical Mafia pre-
      scribing mind altering ADHD and
      SSRI drugs. -Rick :

  4. This ghoul is just the tip of the iceberg at UPMC. They’re the biggest medical machine in Western PA, complete with lousy surgeons, a horrendous nursing department, and filthy hospitals,

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