(POLL) Most suspect FBI cover-up in ‘BidenGate’

A majority of voters say they suspect FBI officials tried to cover up a scandal involving President Joe Biden and his family.

That’s according to Rasmussen Reports.

The survey finds that 60% of likely US voters say they believe it is likely that top officials at the FBI have helped cover-up wrongdoing by Biden or his family members, including 48% who say they think it’s “very likely.”

Thirty-three percent (33%) say they don’t believe an FBI cover-up is likely, including 16% who say it is “not at all likely.”

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has expressed support for contempt of Congress charges against Wray for his refusal to hand over an FBI document that congressional investigators say is related to a $5 million bribery scheme involving Biden. Ultimately, Wray provided the document for certain House members to review but would not let them have copies.

While 44% of voters say they have a favorable opinion of the FBI, that’s down from 50% in March, after former FBI Special Agent Nicole Parker testified that the agency has become “politically weaponized, starting from the top in Washington.” 

Forty-nine percent (49%) say they now have an unfavorable impression of the FBI, up from 43% in March.

To see survey question wording, click here.

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7 thoughts on “(POLL) Most suspect FBI cover-up in ‘BidenGate’”

  1. I am disappointed in the House Republicans, they had a subpoena and Wray ignored it, they messed around for weeks before Wray finally, partially, complied.

    The House should have held him in contempt after the first deadline, and even now Wray should be held in contempt. Congress, apparently, has a jail/cell(s) and they hold the purse strings. Issue a warrant for him and incarcerate him until the subpoena is complied with (assuming there is no pending and legitimate court action contesting the subpoena).

    Then in future funding considerations, for each delay in complying with a subpoena, the department is defunded by 1 million dollars in subsequent budgets. Which persists even after the subpoena is complied with.

    1. I too believe he should be held in contempt. The.republicans give a lot of lip service but little action. The deep.state is deep for sure!

  2. Our forefathers must be spinning in their graves.

    1. The Constitution appears to totally ignored when it comes down to the application of the Rule of Law
    2. The “Privileged” now consists of high ranking politicians/officials who break the law every day
    3. The “Masses” previously known as “citizenry” have now been enslaved

    I never imagined that such could occur in our Constitutional Republic but it surely has..

  3. IMO it all comes down to one issue, the federal goverment is too big.
    Our federal government is so bloated with bureaucrats there is the mindset the people no longer matter. Now that elections can be rigged in favor of the elites the leviathan of government grows more arrogant to do as they wish.
    The question every US citizen must ask for 2024 is whether the person they vote for will continue to grow the federal government or will they fight the DC cesspool. Which GOP candidate has the termerity to fight for WE THE PEOPLE; Trump, DeSantis, Haley, Scott, Ramaswamy, Pence? At present I see none from the democrat side stepping up other that RFK Jr.
    Without a solid anti big government fighter backed by the people as our next POTUS; this nation will continue is downward spiral into Socialist/Communist hell!

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