(POLL) News consumption dramatically declines

Half of people say they are consuming less news these days than five (5) years ago.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of 1,100 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

Not everybody is backing off news.

Thirty-four (34%) say they consume ‘more’ news now than five (5) years ago, while 15% say they consume about the same amount as they did five (5) years ago.

Full results are below. Be sure to answer the newest poll at SharylAttkisson.com. Look for the black box on the right sidebar on your computer or scroll way down on your mobile device.

I consume ____ news than 5 years ago.

35% More

50% Less

15% The Same

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15 thoughts on “(POLL) News consumption dramatically declines”

    1. Catherine Jodoin

      Agree, part of why my husband and I are barely reading the news today is the iniquity. I’m not going to bother spending my time reading about a bunch of government thugs that never go to trial, let alone jail. I have much better ways to waste my time. Now if we had some semblance of working justice system, and people were getting charged for their evil deeds I might change my mind.

  1. phillip jeffreys

    The obvious!

    People are still consuming.

    They believe less and less. All polls underline the same reality – trust in core institutions is evaporating. A much more serious matter.

  2. This article ? I caught some people who love to consume more info ? I found a backdoor into Devices Motherboard’s Firmware and Wireless network board ( Wi- Fi , Blue tooth, Cellular ) = Google Android and other devices meant to to keep your devices firmware code up to date is being exploited when you turn devices on and off ..A lot of these Devices motherboards was made over seas = Extra Virgin Hacking and Brain watching malicious coding exploitation ? Other tech people have discovered this too ! Why don’t all these Data Launders take up New more productive hobbies in life, like Taking up Jimmy Carter’s usefully Hobby in building houses for the poor Habitat for Humanity ? Get off that Big butt and grab a Hammer ?

  3. Not for me, I’ve been on-line daily, “like this”, since 1984, when I hooked up my Vic-20 at school, never looked back. Coding since 1977.
    I know what the “real” news is, what “manipulated” news, and straight up “manufactured” news, is. I sold my last studio Trinitron in 1992, and I don’t have a tv in my home.
    And I got my FIRST FCC license @ eight years old…when vavlves (tubes) were still an electrical term.

  4. I never watch TV news it is so far out left wing that I don’t watch the local news either. I used to listen to Rush but after we lost him I tried listening to the two cats that took his place but I have turned them off let me say they are no Rush Limbaugh. Now I look at Whatfinger and that’s about it Breitbart is not believe able half the time I just do not Trust much of what we get most of it is some guy or gal giving their take not the news or out and out lying about it

  5. The survey should have defined “news”.

    I tune out local news programs as soon as they show a NETWORK “news”.
    Local news is best for weather and sports.
    Local news like NETWORK news no longer provide journalistic reporting.
    I also read Sharyl Attkisson regularly.

  6. Fight 4 community by community #govtbysmartphone to #cancelthe1pc and #endplutocracy every voter a member of their community’s congress. No elections no corruption

  7. I consume more news today than previously because of the impacts on our near future. The Great Reset by Schwab was a serious wake up call. It’s ignorant to turn off the news (I don’t have cable or watch “TV”). It’s important to be aware of what is happening and what is coming. Things are changing fast.

    And yes, I agree, the poll should have defined “news”.

  8. I find the news more depressing and sensational then it was five years ago. I think cable news networks are vying for ratings and causing this situation. The major networks are right with them as well. Opinion shows such as the View, Tucker, when on Fox, Hannity, Nicole Wallace “stir the pot” to rile up the base which makes it difficult to form an opinion based on facts.

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