(POLL) Republican voters favor Trump over DeSantis almost 2-1

Most Republican voters like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, but when it comes to who should get the GOP’s 2024 nomination, they prefer former President Donald Trump by a 28-point margin.

That’s according to the latest Rasmussen Reports.

The survey found that 49% of likely U.S. voters view DeSantis favorably, including 25% who have a “very favorable” impression of Florida’s Republican governor.

Forty-two percent (42%) view DeSantis unfavorably, including 27% with a “very unfavorable” opinion.

Among Republican voters, 70% have a favorable impression of DeSantis, including 37% with a “very favorable” opinion.

However, if the choice for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination were between Trump and DeSantis, 58% of Republican voters would vote for Trump, while 30% would vote for DeSantis.

To see survey question wording, click here.

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8 thoughts on “(POLL) Republican voters favor Trump over DeSantis almost 2-1”

  1. Jeb DeSantis is a fraud, both personally and politically. Love or hate Trump, he is what he is. I suspect most peopl intuitively grasp that and prefer authenticity to someone cobbled together by a billionaire’s focus group.

  2. For whatever Trump is I’ve grown tired of his dysfunctional way of doing business and governing. DeSantis is well educated, put time in the military has done a good job in Florida. Fights back with a logical thinking mind. Trump is a “bull in a china shop”. Not what we need as a President.

    1. Jeb DeSantis is a FRAUD 0wned by gobalists. Trump has a very good record as president, especially considering that the RINO Congress was ZERO help. What was it that you didn’t like about no new wars, a relatively secure border (that was getting more secure every day), and an economy that worked for everyone?

    2. Trump has great ideas but is so polarizing he will alienate all democrats and some moderates. Dems want him to run because he will never win a presidential election.
      If Trump could control himself and not always have the last word, he might have a shot.

  3. For whatever Trump is his method of governing is not the answer. DeSantis is well educated, has military leadership qualities, has done a good job as Florida governor. I like & voted for Trump but after watching the dysfunctional way of governing I’m not interested in watching another “bull in the china shop” type of leadership.

  4. Let’s use common sense. We need a candidate that we know will be an effective president starting on day 1. A candidate that has already done the job very successfully while overcoming all kinds of fake attacks from the Dems, MSM, social media, RINOs (the Establishment).

    The only candidate that has those credentials is Donald Trump. He is not a politician but a businessman that loves America and will repeat (and more) what he did in his first term. This is not about liking or not liking the person it is about recognizing his effectiveness and resolve. DeSantis could gain 4 years of experience as VP. The Country could have 12 years of excellent governance and hopefully the Establishment will learn to be patriotic and learn to love America.

    Donald Trump is the only candidate the Establishment is concerned with. That is why all the made up stories, court cases, 2020 election fraud, etc. We, the people, must rescue America.

    The other problem is election fraud again?

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