The media on Biden’s falls v. Trump’s ginger steps

Biden falls at Air Force Academy ceremony

President Biden suffered a hard fall at the Air Force Academy ceremony in Colorado, but seemed to be uninjured.

White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor has said that Biden, who’s 80, walks with a “stiffened gait” in part because of wear and tear on his spine and nerve damage in his feet.

When some other Presidents have stumbled and fallen, such as Republican Gerald Ford did several times from 1974-1977, they were mercilessly mocked by the media. NBC’s Saturday Night Live aired running skits depicting a stumbling, bumbling Ford.

However, when Biden falls, many in the media largely defend him or minimize the falls with articles such as: “Biden trips and falls…recovers quickly” (Reuters), “Biden isn’t the only politician to fall” (Washington Post), “He was not the first president to take such a spill” (Propaganda site Snopes), and “Biden wasn’t injured at all..” (Local 10).

When President Trump gingerly stepped down a wet and slippery ramp at a West Point ceremony on June 13, 2020, many in the press wrote that he seemed ill. “Trump’s walk down ramp at West Point raises health questions” (New York Times), “Trump struggles with ramps and water” (The Late Late Show with James Corden), “Why the Donald Trump-West Point ramp story actually matters” (CNN). At his rallies, Trump later joked about the media’s treatment of him.

Responding to news of Biden’s fall, Trump told reporters, “I hope he wasn’t hurt.”

Biden’s public falls after his election

June 1, 2023: Biden falls to the ground at a US Air Force Academy ceremony.

June 18, 2022: Biden’s foot gets stuck in the pedal of his bike and he falls.

Biden falls off his bicycle

March 19, 2021: Biden stumbles several times and then falls up the stairs boarding Air Force One.

Biden falls up the steps of Air Force One

Nov. 28, 2020: Biden falls and breaks his foot in two places. He says he slipped on a rug after getting out of the shower and while joking and grabbing his dog by the tail. He wore an orthopedic boot for several weeks.

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6 thoughts on “The media on Biden’s falls v. Trump’s ginger steps”

  1. Jack Livingston

    I am 90 years old and fall occasionally. I never really know why and neither does he!! It is nearly always a surprise when it happens. I call it getting older. Jack L.

  2. You mean there’s someone LEFT who listens to MSM?
    More concerning is his mental acudity, his radical agenda, and his constant stream of lies MSM continues to propagandize.
    I fear for our grandchildren.

    1. I do as well except ours vote repeatedly for this garbage. They have made their bed and I fear they will have to lie in it.

  3. We are potentially one serious fall away from Joe being in a wheelchair or worse, President Kamala. I can predict the MSM praising Joe even in a wheelchair, I can see it now. Articles written on how FDR won WWII from a wheelchair and is one of our greatest presidents. Yes, Joe can continue to increase the corruption, chaos, and national side into oblivion, even from a wheelchair and, if necessary, Kamala can laugh her way through the chaos for the next two years to ensure the nation is reduced to rubble. The MSM is the enemy of the people having joined the Dems in their quest to transform the nation from a Democratic Republic to a miserable fascist dictatorship. The GOP sleeps.

  4. Stephen Triesch

    Here’s another example of media bias: When Trump ate hamburgers, the media chastised him for setting a bad example, but when Biden eats one of his outsized ice cream cones, it is treated as endearing, “Good old Joe! He loves a good sugary indulgence just like the rest of us!”

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