The Seedy Business of Censoring Books by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. & On Other Topics You Care About (Podcast)

Inside the seedy world of book censorship with Tony Lyons, founder of Skyhorse Publishing.

He tells us about efforts to silence Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and books on other topics you want to read about.

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4 thoughts on “The Seedy Business of Censoring Books by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. & On Other Topics You Care About (Podcast)”

  1. Congress needs sensor Facebook and others more. Example ? I don’t have any Facebook accounts or Apps installed on my Android device so why is = and need to be sneaking around on the back side of my Browser violating my app browser privacy settings ? Looks like Congress needs to set up shop at these big Tech companies and Fine them on a Hourly basis instead of 5 other times for malicious practices ??? There are other Hundreds of these type of .com doing the same things ? Have the FBI IC3 start catching them ? Congress and the Gov. can make Billions going after these people exploiting your Children on these Devices and fining them ?

  2. My earlier post further tip ! , Suspect 1/3 rd of these 100 of people posing as Data brokers ( AKA, Data Laundering cartel’s ) could be from Iran Gov. national guards collecting info posing as a innocent data brokers , or Russian hacking groups, or China then installing live session widgets and so Fourth other live sessions code malware into your systems ? ( Extra Virgin Hacking and Brain watching = getting your mine personnel online info and intellectual properties fo, a Brothel of Federal cyber crimes ) = FBI/ Cold/cases x-Files ?

  3. Your android phone is run by Google which could be the culprit along with Facebook. Our phone track everything we do. I saw a transcript for a recent murder case and the phone recorded every foot step. I once parked in a parking lot and opened my laptop. The wifi was turned off but some sort of two way radio was turned on. I could hear papers shuffling on a desk and what sounded like muzak from a telephone on hold. Im pretty sure have been under surveillance since selling a house back in 1997 for being harassed by some neighbors. One worked for the navy maybe building experimental weapons.

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