UK restricts controversial use of puberty blockers in gender-confused children

The following is from BBC News.

Puberty blockers will only be prescribed to children attending gender identity services as part of clinical research, NHS [National Health Service] England has announced. 

The move comes after an interim report into children’s gender services said there were “gaps in evidence” around the drugs.

Blockers are used to “pause puberty” and work by supressing hormone release.

Dr Hilary Cass’s report called for a transformation in the model of care for children with gender-related distress.

Currently, if a child seeks medical help, the drugs are one of the options a doctor could offer to help delay the onset of physical changes that do not match a child’s gender identity. 

This change will come into effect when new clinics replacing the Gender Identity and Development Service (Gids) begin to open later this year. No patients being treated by the current Gids service will be affected.

Children and their families will also be “strongly discouraged” from obtaining gender-affirming drugs such as hormones, from “unregulated sources” or online providers.

A clinical study, run by the new Children and Young People’s Gender Dysphoria Research and Oversight Board, will look at the impact of drugs which delay puberty.

Further details on how the study will run will be released in the coming weeks, but only those signed up to take part in the research will be prescribed puberty blockers, except in exceptional circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

It is expected that the study will mostly involve looking at patient data and records.  (Continued…)

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1 thought on “UK restricts controversial use of puberty blockers in gender-confused children”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Gender confusion is part of a
    NATURAL maturation/develop-
    ment stage for all pre-puberty
    boys and girls—as this scribbler
    has been trying – but FAILING –
    to explain, to
    on the LOGIC-driven RIGHT
    ( the left-hemisphere directed
    folks ). But the nation has been
    so DUMBED DOWN, nobody I’ve
    contacted gets it :

    Forwarded Message :

    Dear Dr. Naomi Wolf et al.,

    Re : The Psychology Underpinning America’s Decline in Civility

    Keep in mind, every male and female on
    planet Earth has a brain configuration
    capable of expressing both LOGIC ( left-
    hemisphere rational/masculine ) and
    EMOTION ( right-hemisphere emotional/
    feminine )—the two sex-related expressions
    – logic and emotion – mostly correspond
    morphologically with MALE ( logical guys )
    and FEMALE ( emotional gals ).

    G E N E R A L L Y :

    So-called “gender dysphoria” results from
    children raised without two male/female
    parents—as absence of either one during
    childrearing years may prevent MODELING
    for each boy and girl, to LEARN, by
    example, what “boy” and “girl” means in
    at-large society. Genetics/heritage drives
    that NORMAL inclination in either sex,
    to be a boy or girl ( matching genitalia
    with genetic masculine or feminine be-
    haviors ). However, lack of modeling can
    cause gender-dysphoric C O N F U –
    S I O N and resulting CROSS-MODELING
    outcomes, where a boy wishes to dress
    like a girl, and a girl like a boy ( yes,
    Freud was correct ! ).



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