(CENSORED) Roseanne Barr and Comedy

In a move that shows a clear lack of self-awareness on the part of the censors, a comedy podcast featuring Roseanne Barr has been censored by YouTube after Barr joked about censoring by Internet platforms like YouTube.

The following is from Variety:

YouTube removed a video comedy podcast in which Roseanne Barr — attempting to make a sarcastic point about internet platforms enforcing disinformation policies — made extremely offensive comments about the Holocaust.

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YouTube determined that the video with Barr, shared on comedian Theo Von’s channel, violated its policies prohibiting hate speech. As a result, his channel is barred from uploading videos for a one-week period; under YouTube’s three-strikes system, if Von’s channel runs afoul of YouTube policies again in the next 90 days it will be blocked for two weeks and in the instance of a third violation the channel will be terminated.

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8 thoughts on “(CENSORED) Roseanne Barr and Comedy”

  1. You’re at the top of the best news people in the world. Your books are also brilliant. Thank God there are independent, dedicated people who still believe in presenting the news as it is.

  2. Robert K Martin

    Thanks young lady for keeping us all informed we need more strong reporters like you. I’ve always admired your spirit and strength you truly are a blessing to those who want to be in the know. May GOD Bless you and yours! Semper Fi

  3. This article and Roseanne Barr ” Hi Granny ? I think these Bad social media companies should not be censoring Truth full or Comedy rights to Free speech that’s not insighting Riots or encouraging Maddonna or Taylor Swift to wear less while the TMZ crew are on the ground laughing !

  4. Youtube is like the little vacuum cleaner in the Pink Panther cartoon. It vacuumed up everything, including itself… fade to black.

  5. It seems to me that ALL of the original social media companies — Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. — as well as the comment sections employed by various websites (not including this one —yet) have outlived their usefulness and entered into a form of metastasis where they quickly passed through a brief period of no longer being useful and dove headlong into being a cancer on our society, silencing relevant points of view while amplifying everything ranging from stupid to pure evil.

    Disclaimer: I should probably divulge that there’s not a major “news” organization comment section I’m aware of that hasn’t banned me or shadow-banned me — almost always AFTER my upvote or “like” count has risen far above average. That’s when the websites reach out to silence me. Perhaps the do this with others as well. It’s very odd that this has happened at “news” sites deemed left AND right — which suggests (to me anyway) that the battle between left and right is nothing but a fake professional wrestling act — pure entertainment — and not a legitimate political competition.

  6. Riccardo Rolandi

    Roseanne is an amazing woman an comedian, and you Sharyl, being an amazing woman and journalist should get all of your content, included all of your public talks, on twitter, but first reach out to Elon, because you are efficently shadowbanned also there, but I guess he has no idea yet, and I bet he will be happy to free you from all the restrictions, Especially as soon as he gets exposed to your inlighting talks on astroturf and false-fake news.
    You and Roseanne go on fighting for truth, and stand strong!
    Love and respect from Italy

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