Moderna set to manufacture mRNA drugs for people of China

The following is an excerpt from CNBC.

Moderna on Wednesday said it struck a deal with Chinese officials to research, develop and manufacture messenger RNA medicines in the country, despite rising tensions between the U.S. and China. 

The Massachusetts-based biotech company signed a memorandum of understanding and a related land collaboration deal to develop drugs that will “be exclusively for the Chinese people” and won’t “be exported,” a Moderna spokesperson told CNBC.  

Chinese media outlet Yicai first reported on Tuesday that Moderna was slated to make its first investment in China that could be worth around $1 billion, citing unnamed sources.

The outlet also reported that Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel was visiting Shanghai. 

The Moderna spokesperson did not confirm the report or comment on the size of the deal.

“These agreements are focused on strengthening health security by targeting unmet needs and contributing to the ecosystem of medical solutions available to patients in China,” the spokesperson said. 

Moderna has several contracts to export or locally manufacture Covid jabs for countries such as Japan, Canada, Australia and Kenya. The deal disclosed Wednesday is the company’s first agreement with China.

It’s also the first deal to involve developing mRNA medicines overall, not just Covid shots. 

Link to article here.

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7 thoughts on “Moderna set to manufacture mRNA drugs for people of China”

  1. Those poor innocent people of China should stay clear of those horrible mnra shots. Moderna , just like Phizer only care about profits. Those shots injure and kill people. Pray for the innocent people of China and for all of the rest of the world to wake up to the truth about those horrible jabs and insist we stop these drug companies from manufacturing them.

    1. Alisa,

      Sharyl wisely avoided writing, “vaccine” !

      Let’s all nix use of that recently re-defined
      term by the Medical Mafia—redefined by
      Big Pharma, so that what this scribbler
      has far more accurately termed,
      “Experimental Gene Injection” ( EGI ),
      can FOOL at-large American
      citizens to remain lab-rats and take the

      Also, Moderna is an American-based
      ISRAELI company—from “Israel21c,” by
      Israel-based analyst,
      Abigail Klein Leichman :

      —“There’s a homegrown connection
      —to Moderna. Its chief medical officer,
      —Dr. Tal Zaks, was raised in Israel
      —and received his MD and PhD from
      —Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.”

      Why would that Tribe wish to keep
      secret Moderna’s financial / intel-
      lectual / cultural origins ?—possibly,
      to hide culpability for the MASS
      DEATHS and INJURIES resulting from
      their POISONOUS Experimental Gene
      Injections across the globe.

      Injecting that poison into the arms of
      Red Chinese is a depopulation program.



      Speaking of Israel, Sharyl,
      recall my reference to a
      Washington Times report
      ( 1993 or ‘95 ), posted
      several years ago, about
      Israel having been caught
      helping Red China build a
      bomber, using U.S. specs.

      Then, when China rolled
      out their new plane, DoD
      feigned great surprise—
      and wondered at how the
      plane looked so much like
      an American bomber.

      Go figure !

  2. This Article and Pharmaceutical ? Sharyl on Sunday July 9, 2023 this past Sunday at 10 Am you aired your show talking About –> Pharmaceutical Middle Men middle men should be 1/2 to Blame in LAW as well Congress and Law makers might have overlooked in Calling the Kettle Black in paying over use regulatory damages also ??? P.S. Pass on info to CBS 60 Minutes !

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