(POLL) Less people trust broadcast network news

Cable news outlets are now more trusted than the “Big Three” broadcast networks, and a majority of voters say media bias is getting worse.

That’s according to the latest Rasmussen Reports.

The survey found that 25% of likely U.S. noters say Fox News is the news organization they trust the most.

Thirteen percent (13%) trust CNN the most, while 12% trust MSNBC the most, followed by the three broadcast networks – NBC News (7%), ABC News (7%) and CBS News (6%).

Another 25% of voters say “none of them” is the most trusted news organization. 

Fifty-eight percent (58%) of voters believe the problem of bias in the news media is getting worse, compared to just 13% who think the problem is getting better.

Twenty-six percent (26%) say the media bias problem is about the same as usual.

To see survey question wording, click here

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6 thoughts on “(POLL) Less people trust broadcast network news”

  1. Considering that the survey was taken July 5, 6, 7, and 9, 2023, it’s hard to imagine that Fox would still rank higher than the other cable channels, since that period significantly postdates the firing of Tucker Carlson and Fox’s much-earlier announcement and conduct related to promoting Jeb DeSantis as Rupert Murdoch’s preferred presidential candidate. Legitimate news outlets aren’t supposed to be biased, including by overtly promoting any political party or candidate.

    One would think that Fox actively working for a republican presidential candidate would offend the democrat portion of the public as well as a significant percentage of Independents, and then to actively oppose THE most-popular republican candidate (Trump) and back one of a number of lesser candidates would suggest that everyone OTHER THAN Jeb DeSantis supporters would have serious doubts about Fox’s veracity.

    In other words, the poll seems flawed — or suspicious, at best.

    1. All polls are flawed / suspicious. I stopped participating in them because most questions are loaded with presumption so responses may be packaged to produce an intended outcome.
      Re: this particular poll, I bet Fox would have ranked higher had this poll been taken pre-Carlson’s firing.
      Noteworthy to me is the absence of Newsmax, who like them or not have made significant inroads over the last two years. I clicked the link in the article, which did not provide the actual list presented to participants, so I don’t know if Newsmax was even included.
      Murdoch may pull the plug on DeSantis- it’s waaaaay early in the process. Don’t forget that for four years Fox was riding the Trump train full on.
      Jeb DeSantis? Your bias is showing…..

      1. DeSantis is backed by Jeb Bush — thus Jeb DeSantis. And I’m a private citizen, not a journalist, so one would naturally expect me to have preferences — what you call “bias.” Per your definition, every citizen who casts a vote is biased.

  2. Significantly missing is Newsmax- was that included on the list of choices for participants of the poll? The link provided did not supply the actual list.

  3. I concur the results of the “survey” actually represents the people polled – low information folks.

    Similarly like main stream media (supposed to be neutral), pollsters are not scientific (businesses for profit).

    What does it take to represent a “survey” – education level, male/female, age, political affiliation, familiarity with other information sources.

  4. It appears that Rasmussen didn’t include Newsman as one of the cable news networks, which is disappointing and would throw more weight to Fox than might actually be the case.

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