Vaccine-related scientific studies and resources

Children’s Health Defense, a group founded by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. draws attention to child safety issues including vaccine dangers. The group has a valuable database providing access to scientific article that might be hard to find on a managed Google search.

According to the group, its “Science Library” database “contains hundreds of peer-reviewed, published articles on environmental contaminants that are implicated in the rise of the childhood epidemics we are currently experiencing in the U.S. and other industrialized nations. Concerned citizens owe it to themselves and family members to be as educated as possible when it comes to these toxicants, many of which are contained in vaccines. Even very low-level exposures can induce symptoms identical to those of many devastating psychological, neurological and behavior conditions in children and adults injuring the sensory, immune, gastrointestinal and central nervous systems, kidneys and other organs, and interfering with critical cellular pathways. And, it’s not just toxins driving the epidemics. According to the latest research, the body’s own reaction to a vaccine, i.e. immune activation, is enough to trigger conditions like autism and auto-immunity. Scientists from around the world are sounding alarms and voicing grave concerns about the poor health impact of vaccines and the need for vaccine safety and regulatory oversight.”

Children’s Health Defense also links to a “collection of 89 peer-reviewed published articles containing mounting evidence linking exposure to mercury, at critical moments in development, to autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. These include cellular, animal and human studies. Also CHD’s collection including the abstracts for over 240 studies showing the harmful effects of mercury, from both thimerosal and environmental sources, on brain cells, immune cells and other body systems. These include cellular, animal and human studies.”

All of the information and links can be found at the link below.

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3 thoughts on “Vaccine-related scientific studies and resources”

  1. Stephanie Lynn Gilmartin

    Ms. Attkisson,
    What makes the results of this study even more alarming is that mercury has been proven/found in high fructose corn syrup. Renee Dufault used to work for the FDA. When she proved that mercury was in high fructose corn syrup (used in formula!!) she asked to do additional studies. But HFCS is a shelf-stabilizer and an industry favorite bc it’s cheap and plentiful. So she was told no. She retired from the FDA and began her own research. You can find her on facebook, or you can email her at [email protected] She is a hero, in my opinion — and the results of her research deserve to be shared! I will let her know I’ve shared this info with you.
    Best wishes,


  2. This article and science articles..I seen a Science posting that says The Earth has tilted 31.5 and that is not suposed to happen, from pumping ground water ? The article was in popular mechanics science and was supposed to have back up Data from NASA confirming this info..’ Um I don’t know if Astrophysicist realize that the distribution of water on Earth impacts the distribution of Mass. Thus this is going to change Keplers mathematics..’Um I have figured those New changes but I’m not giving them out or Helping Wikpedia edit Keplers figures to give Kepler New figures from his past calculations. Because now there going to be Andrews Mathematics figures . Speed Bump ?

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