Whistleblower testifies that US government is ‘absolutely’ in possession of non-human craft

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A former Pentagon intelligence official testified Wednesday that he was “absolutely” certain the government had possession of nonhuman craft.

David Grusch, a former Air Force officer, said during a House Oversight Committee hearing that his information was based on interviews with 40 witnesses and that he knew where the material was being held. Grusch added that nonhuman “biologics” were recovered along with the craft.

Grusch initially made the claims last month before adding the information about pilots in a NewsNation interview.

He was an intelligence officer for the Air Force and eventually joined the task force looking into unidentified anomalous phenomena, or UAP, the military’s preferred term for UFOs.

He said he became a whistleblower in May 2022 after he received a number of concerning reports that the government was acting with secrecy and without congressional oversight with regard to UAP.

A Pentagon spokesperson strenuously denied Grusch’s initial claims, saying they have “not discovered any verifiable information to substantiate claims that any programs regarding the possession or reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial materials have existed in the past or exist currently.”

Grusch said he feared for his life and had faced professional and personal consequences from the government for speaking out, noting there was an ongoing whistleblower retaliation investigation into his treatment.

He said he believed that the government first became aware of nonhuman technology in the 1930s and that there had been a “multi-decade campaign to disenfranchise public interest.”

The former intelligence officer said he had not seen any nonhuman bodies personally and responded to many questions by stating that he could not discuss details in an open forum but could brief legislators in private.

The hearing was the second public congressional panel this year on UAP.

Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., was a major proponent of the hearing and said that other members of Congress had told him privately about their own UFO experiences.

Other witnesses at the hearing were Ryan Graves, a former Navy pilot who said he encountered numerous unexplained flying objects while flying near Virginia Beach, Va., and David Fravor, another retired Navy pilot who says he encountered UAP near the coast of San Diego.

“As we convene here, UAP are in our airspace, but they are grossly underreported,” Graves said. “Sightings are not rare or isolated.”

Graves said that commercial airlines are not taking the threat seriously at all and that pilots are worried their careers will be negatively affected by reporting them, as well as noting the lack of a system for reporting through the Federal Aviation Administration.

The pilots added that the military reporting process needs to be streamlined, with Graves saying that, in his personal estimate, only 5% of UAP sightings were reported.

Last week at a White House briefing, John Kirby, a retired Navy admiral and the current Pentagon spokesperson, said that UAP “have already had an impact on our training ranges.”

“Now, we’re not saying what they are or what they’re not,” Kirby said. “We’re saying that there’s something our pilots are seeing. We’re saying it has had an effect on some of our training operations. And so we want to get to the bottom of it. We want to understand it better.”

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11 thoughts on “Whistleblower testifies that US government is ‘absolutely’ in possession of non-human craft”

  1. …and yet–the Whistleblower has never seen the craft. The shaping of this UAP narrative does raise a few questions re the ‘timing’ of this latest distraction. As the Globalist CBDC agenda looms, with more ordinary citizens aware of the designs for totalitarian global bank reign, we must seriously regard this latest diversion as the standard playbook of the Cabal’s monetary racket.

  2. I have a heaping helping of cynicism about this. It feels like a sleight of hand play. I wonder what organization or interest is pushing this and for what reason.

  3. There are different forms of Saint Elmo’s Fire. Natural phenomena that affect ships at sea. Also those Navy pilots who were flying low along the ocean ran into it but aren’t plasma physicists so they report it as UAP;s. It’s just particles and molecules attracted to the aircraft that are excited and run parallel to the planes. When Tesla turned on his large Tesla coil tower in Colorado it excited the atmosphere and produced Sait Elmo.s Fire on the wings of butterflies and produced blue molecular balls that flew around the area..

  4. This article and New Mathmatical calculations for Relativity Time Gravity… ..”Area 15 Indiana ” = A new generation with New explanations since 1980. ” Its all about Relativity Time Gravity Mathmatical conversions in the Universe ..Wm. Andrews Rochester, IN. Those embryonic working energy in the Universe being fruitful as described in the Book of Genesis.. ( And God seen light as Good ! ) This is How God engineered energy in the Universe and why there’s more then just our Solar system and nothing behond that but dark energy ….All you knuckle heads in past got it all wrong ! The X~ Files revealed ..

  5. My Earlier post further thoughts ? What if way out in another Galaxy you had a Star Born and had a relative close Planet that was mostly composed of ( Carbon Carbon + Oxygen + Sulfur + Phosphorus ) Being Heated at very incredible High temperatures by Star on that near by planet breaking it’s Carbon chains with other mentioned Chemical’s compositions ? (( From the inner mind to the outer limit’s ? ))

  6. This article ? Because of the way God engineered Energy in a unsquared constant embryonic state in the Universe, much like the strange lifeforms in the Bottom of our Oceans here..I would have to say there could be anything out there in the Universe..And think of all the life forms that changed just on earth since the pre~ historic ages here ?

  7. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    I just wrote a story about the relationship between Mind Control Programs and UFO denial, but it was blocked here on Sharyl’s site. The government, for some unknown reason, is in the business of trying to cover-up crimes. There is a relationship beween covering up UFO incidents, and the CIAs MK ULTRA program at the University of Minnesota. I submit the mind control tactics have been used to thwart the truth about UFOs. In other words there is ample evidence that the USA Federal Government has used mind control techniques, similar to the techniques used in LSD tests to alter the memories in people who have attempted to report UFO activity. What we are about to find out is that the crimes committed by the government are now being covered up. We will also learn that the cover-up itself is covered up. There is no happy ending here. We are in trouble, and the people are not in control of their government.

  8. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    Have you ever been punched or kicked hard in the stomach? Have you ever suffered betrayal by a person you loved, and believed incorrectly that she loved you? The pain is the same in both instances, a sharp pain. What if your family was secretly indoctrinated by your government resulting in their deaths? They did nothing wrong, but CIA and ARMY Doctors found them convenient targets for LSD Electroshock testing. How would you respond if the UFO coverup was intertwined with the MK ULTRA mind control program and you became a target of disinformation? Thanks for the Memories. NOT.

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