Breaking Free of the Covid/Covid Vaccine Propaganda & How You Can Help (Podcast)

The outrageous truth about establishment medicine and control of the media narrative, as told by Dr. Pierre Kory through the examples of the ivermectin follies and excess deaths after Covid vaccines. Also: how you can get help today.

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8 thoughts on “Breaking Free of the Covid/Covid Vaccine Propaganda & How You Can Help (Podcast)”

  1. Get my news mostly over the “net” & have subscribed to you for awhile. Must lessen e-newsletters due to constraints on time but, yours is one I will certainly keep. Not everyone is of interest to me but, many are & your approach to journalism & integrity to it is awesome & refreshing, not always found these days. Just love you! You are a keeper. Don’t need a reply. Just keep integrity presented news coming.

  2. Why would journalists suffer the cringing embarrassment of writing stories that, in effect, show how wrong they were. Much easier to just ignore it and move on to other shinier objects.

  3. At 42:35, Sharyl was interrupted. I wonder what she was about to say. I wonder if she’d be open to finishing the thought now…it was the second of two points.

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