Covid vaccine-related deaths send ‘mortality’ to unseen highs (REPORT)

The following is a news analysis.

  • There was an extreme, sudden hike in worker deaths in fall 2021 even as Covid deaths plunged.
  • In the 3rd quarter of 2021, deaths among working people aged 35-44 was 101% above the 3 yr. pre-Covid baseline.
  • 34% more working people aged 35-44 died than expected in the 4th quarter of 2022.
  • In the yr. ending April 30, 2023, 14 mos. after the last big pandemic wave in US, at least 104,000 more Americans died than expected.

A documented, frightening reality has emerged that is arguably the most important health-related story of our time.

But virtually nobody is covering the story, no state of emergency has been declared, Congress isn’t passing laws to address it and fund solutions, our federal agencies are pretending it’s not happening, and our public health experts are silent.

According to numerous statistical measures, we are experiencing an historic surge in what’s called “excess mortality,” or the number of deaths beyond what is expected on a statistical basis. And the experts say Covid, alone, cannot explain the increase.

Many medical experts and actuaries say that based on the demographics and timing, the obvious and only explanation is that the deaths are related to Covid-19 vaccines.

Public health experts barely acknowledge the Covid vaccines’ proven side effects, which include stroke, heart issues, nerve problems, paralysis and much more, let alone the massive wave of Covid-related vaccine injuries.

In a recent opinion editorial published in USA Today, two experts present the startling data and explain where it comes from. Dr. Pierre Kory told me that, while the Covid vaccines are obviously to blame, he and his co-author decided to raise the issue but self-censor any mention of vaccines for fear the article would not have been published.

Listen to my podcast with Dr. Kory by clicking the arrow below.

Read an excerpt below with a link to full article.

More young Americans are dying – and it’s not COVID. Why aren’t we searching for answers?

Without a thorough and collaborative exploration, we can’t know what’s killing us – or how to stop it.

Dr. Pierre Kory and Mary Beth Pfeiffer

USA Today Opinion contributors

Life insurance actuaries are reporting that many more people are dying – still – than in the years before the pandemic. And while deaths during COVID-19 had largely occurred among the old and infirm, this new wave is hitting prime-of-life people hard.

No one knows precisely what is driving the phenomenon, but there is an inexplicable lack of urgency to find out. A concerted investigation is in order. 

Deaths among young Americans documented in employee life insurance claims should alone set off alarms. Among working people 35 to 44 years old, a stunning 34% more died than expected in the last quarter of 2022, with above-average rates in other working-age groups, too.

COVID-19 claims do not fully explain the increase,” a Society of Actuaries report says.

From 2020 through 2022, there were more excess deaths proportionally among white-collar than blue-collar workers: 19% versus 14% above normal. The disparity nearly doubled among top-echelon workers in the fourth quarter of 2022, U.S. actuaries reported.

And there was an extreme and sudden increase in worker mortality in the fall of 2021 even as the nation saw a precipitous drop in COVID-19 deaths from a previous wave. In the third quarter of 2021, deaths among workers ages 35-44 reached a pandemic peak of 101% above – or double – the three-year pre-COVID baseline. In two other prime working-age groups, mortality was 79% above expected. 

Read the full article here:

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15 thoughts on “Covid vaccine-related deaths send ‘mortality’ to unseen highs (REPORT)”

  1. “No one knows precisely what is driving the phenomenon, but there is an inexplicable lack of urgency to find out.”

    Nothing “inexplicable” about the lack of urgency.

    If one has been listening to the elites — Bill Gates and others — one is well aware that there is a movement to depopulate the planet because, apparently, most of us are taking up too much room and resources, and now that we can be replaced with computer programs and robot butlers and maids, our betters would like us all to kindly vanish so that they can fully enjoy the beaches and parks and forests without the rest of us inferiors cluttering up the place,

  2. This article and Metabolic adverse reactions ..Genetic research labs should be looking into these cases and finding answers ? I got a New medicine idea for adverse metabolic diseases formula, genetics labs should check out in New research testings.. = C6 H12 O6 + C15 H12 I3 NO4.. If I was in charge of Genetic research lab I would also be investigating a New breakthrough idea using C6 H13 O6 used with different Male and Female Hormones to to Test and treat different Human Mind diseases and other research in Health research Genetics _ Wm. Andrews Rochester, IN.

    1. Bill Andrew,

      “Genetic” is revealing term, re
      continued use of, “vaccine,” as
      Sharyl done in the article’s

      My term is far more correct :

      — Experimental Gene Injection ( EGI ) —

      Also, regarding mis-use of
      language, consider my note
      to WND, sent yesterday :
      Message: If rightists had simply stopped using Libertine Leftists’ term, “ABORTION,” and – instead – used B A B Y C I D E ( my term ), teen-age girls wound be psychologically equipped to UNDERSTAND Leftists kill wombed babies. // Also, it’s DE-Productive Deathcare ( my term) not Libertines’ deflective term : “Reproductive Healthcare.”


      1. Oops !

        That first paragraph (( no, I
        hadn’t been drinking to do
        that )) :

        – Re-Edit Follows –

        “Genetic” is [ a or an ? ] revealing term, re
        continued use of, “vaccine,” as
        Sharyl [ has ] done in the article’s

  3. It will be interesting to see what happens a few years from now when the vast majority of people left alive and not functionally incapacitated are “anti-vaxxers” and “conspiracy theorists” like myself who never took a single shot and who are determined to take down the much smaller global elite, confiscate their ill-gotten fortunes and send them all to prison for life or to the gallows.

    1. I put no stock in anything out by NPR as they are nothing more than state run state funded media, purveyors of misinformation and disinformation to the max…

  4. I researched the following from 2019-2022: gun deaths, traffic accident fatalities, and drug overdoses, particularly fentanyl. All three show very sharp increases for that time period, especially in the 18-40 age groups.

    You may want to remove the word bipartisan from your site’s title. If you have to tell people you are bipartisan, you likely aren’t. Your merch certainly tells a different story.

  5. J.A Gibson. What are your findings regarding traffic accidents? Because i predicted an increase in accidents without a clear cause. Saying people will just die behind the wheel and noone will know it was the shot. Never got this researched.

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