(READ) Republicans ask AG Garland, US Atty Weiss to testify re: Hunter Biden tax probe

Attorney General Merrick Garland

Sens. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) have sent a letter signed by every Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee asking the Democrat Chairman of the Committee, Dick Durbin, to call Attorney General Merrick Garland and US Attorney David Weiss to testify. That’s in light of recent events raising questions about government corruption in the Hunter Biden tax investigation.

The Republicans are in the minority in the Senate meaning they have no power to force the desired witnesses to appear.

The Republicans alleged that US Attorney Weiss’ July 10 response to a letter from Graham’s raised more questions than answers regarding Weiss’ authority over the investigation.

Whistleblowers testimony in the House of Representatives also contradicts Weiss’ assertions and Attorney General Garland’s public statements.

In light of the foregoing discrepancies, both Attorney General Garland and U.S. Attorney Weiss must come before our Committee to clarify their statements regarding Mr. Weiss’s authority to charge in districts outside the District of Delaware. They must also explain what happened to the allegations that were provided to them in the FD-1023.

The seriousness of these developments cannot be overstated. The American people deserve the truth, and we have a responsibility to exercise our oversight authority to uncover the truth. As you stated in a similar context, ‘[t]he American people must have full transparency to draw their own conclusions.’ For the sake of ensuring transparency in the DOJ, we request that you promptly schedule a hearing with Attorney General Garland and U.S. Attorney Weiss.

Republican lawmakers, Senate Judiciary Committee

Full text of the letter is here and below:



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2 thoughts on “(READ) Republicans ask AG Garland, US Atty Weiss to testify re: Hunter Biden tax probe”

  1. OR maybe a House committee where republicans are in the majority should subpoena Garland and Weiss instead of waiting uncounted blue moons for them to voluntarily appear before a Senate Committee run by democrats.

  2. Is there even ONE democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee willing to search for the truth? Durbin holds all the power but the failure of any democrat to want to hear what most US citizens should know about the lack of investigations into the Biden financial dealings is extremely telling and disheartening for the Nation.

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