After Hours: Sick After Covid or Covid Vaccines? Paging Dr. Jordan Vaughn (Podcast)

One of my most important investigative topics to date, looking into the emerging and sometimes-debilitating after effects of Covid and Covid vaccines with treatment specialist Dr. Jordan Vaughn.

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4 thoughts on “After Hours: Sick After Covid or Covid Vaccines? Paging Dr. Jordan Vaughn (Podcast)”

  1. Thank you for the great interview w/ Dr. Vaughn (watched on Full Measure TV today). It was factual, and insightful. It was also a little scary. Scary because of how difficult it was to gather factual information at the time (in the panic of 2020). It was refreshing to hear Dr. Vaughn explain some of the additional details that we didn’t piece together at the time (2020). Again, can’t express how much we treasure your show and all the work you do for free speech in media.

  2. I have watched your TV program as well as the town hall. I too experienced after covid effects but not as bad as some of your guests. My problem is with my heart. A-fib after the vaccine, then heart rate of 45, producing a pacemaker then increased heart rate of 120. Cardiologist has changed my medication but doesn’t seem to be working.

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