(POLL) Biden and Trump in dead heat for 2024; many would consider voting for third party

If the 2024 election proves to be a rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, many voters are open to voting for a third-party challenger.

That’s according to the latest Rasmussen Reports.

The survey found that 43% of likely U.S. voters would vote to reelect Biden, while 42% would vote for Trump and 12% say they would vote for some other candidate.

In June, Trump led 45% to 39% over Biden. 

In the event of a Biden-Trump rematch, if there were a strong third-party presidential candidate in 2024, 38% say it’s likely they’d vote for the third-party candidate, including 16% who say it’s “very likely.”

Fifty-six percent (56%) are unlikely to vote for a third-party candidate, including 35% who say it’s “not at all likely.”

To see survey question wording, click here

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6 thoughts on “(POLL) Biden and Trump in dead heat for 2024; many would consider voting for third party”

  1. Biden and Trump in a dead heat? …sounds like a sequel to ‘Idiocracy'(the movie). If even 50% of the American citizenry considers Biden a trustworthy candidate, we are doomed. Consider: Four years of false allegations we’ve endured during the Trump presidency, and now: hardly a whimper from the Press about Joe’s pedophilia; his inappropriate behavior with his daughter; his crack-smoking son who played bagman for dad; and the fact that the Biden regime has generously sent treasury dollars to a notorious gangster (and actor) Zelensky–and all of this supports the WEF/WHO/UN totalitarian world govt agenda 2030. It’s a dead heat insofar as we can see we are looking at a death knell for the former US Republic- while 50% of the US populace chooses to behave as Ostriches.

  2. Very hard to believe this poll. What has Biden done to gain so many votes at all, much less in such a short period of time? And conversely, what has Trump done to lose so many votes in that same time period?
    I can comprehend no reasonable answer to EITHER question.

    1. I cannot answer the first but regarding the second question; knowing many anti Trump conservatives, it is Trump’s character as presented by the lame stream media that creates what has become known as TDS (Trump derangement syndrome).
      Few fail to research the facts that are not presented in the medias.

  3. While the 2 party system has given US some terrible leaders in both Congress and the Presidency, we should have learned that a viable 3rd party vote is more likely to usher in the third person an individual would have voted for. Case point would be the 1992 election when Ross Perot’s 19% of the vote led to a Clinton presidency in which none won a plurality of the popular vote. Clinton may have won in the Electoral College even is Perot was not in the race but statistically more Perot voters, as conservatives, would have voted for Bush than Clinton.
    This is not to say that Bush would have been a better president, Clinton’s second term was very good economically (due to the GOP House Contract with America is a debateable issue).
    Some would argue that Jill Stein cost Hillary the 2016 election, less probably as she got less than 2% but that 2% basically wrote off their vote.

    Point being it is virtually impossible for a 3rd candidate to win the White House.

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