(POLL) Voters expect inflation to be important factor in 2024 election

An overwhelming majority of American voters still consider inflation a serious problem and expect it to be a key issue in next year’s election.

That’s according to the latest Rasmussen Reports.

The survey found that 85% of likely U.S. voters believe inflation is a serious problem, including 57% who think the problem is “very serious.”

Only 13% don’t consider inflation to be a serious problem.

President Joe Biden recently said last year’s Inflation Reduction Act was misnamed “because it has less to do with reducing inflation than it does to do with dealing with providing for alternatives that generate economic growth.” 

Eighty-six percent (86%) of voters expect the issue of inflation to be important in the 2024 presidential election, including 58% who believe the issue will be “very important.”

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2 thoughts on “(POLL) Voters expect inflation to be important factor in 2024 election”

  1. Just a shame more did not vote their wallets in 2020; there’s a decent chance we would not be in the mess we are currenly. What happens in 2024 will depend on whether the actions of the Federal Reserve can tamp down inflation with increased interest rates. That is a monetary dichotomy either way but lower inflation will affect fewer than higher interest rates.

    Then there is the COVID issue and whether the Left can twist the election again! Will the voters buy into the propaganda of the Left again.

    1. “Will the voters buy into the propaganda of the Left again[?]”

      I’m not sure voters bought into the propaganda as much as there was rampant tampering with the vote totals. It seems more and more evidence is emerging every day that the 2020 election was a complete fraud, same as Joetard.

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