X files a 1st Amendment lawsuit against California

The following is an excerpt from The Hill.

Elon Musk’s X Corp. has sued the state of California over a content moderation law.

The suit challenges the “constitutionality and legal validity” of the law, signed by California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) last year, which requires social media companies to publicly post their policies on hate speech, disinformation, harassment and extremism on their platforms.

The law, Assembly Bill No. 587 (A.B. 587), also requires social media companies to report data on their enforcement of those policies.

The lawsuit reads: “AB 587 violates X Corp.’s First Amendment right to not speak about controversial topics and to decide for itself what it will say or not say about these topics.”

A.B. 587 has also faced opposition from tech industry groups, which spoke out against it in the wake of its passage.

Some legal experts have also raised First Amendment concerns over the law.

California will not stand by as social media is weaponized to spread hate and disinformation that threaten our communities and foundational values as a country.

Californians deserve to know how these platforms are impacting our public discourse, and this action brings much-needed transparency and accountability to the policies that shape the social media content we consume every day.”

Governor Gavin Newsom, (D-California)

Musk, who has described himself as a “free-speech absolutist,” has rolled back content moderation measures on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, since taking over the company last year.

Read court filing here.

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2 thoughts on “X files a 1st Amendment lawsuit against California”

  1. Newsom is A WEF-GLOBALIST minion who is on task to create hatred-division-and disinformation. He uses the classic ‘truth-fact-inversion’ gaslighting tactics to enforce unconstitutional legislation under the guise of protecting citizens from hate crimes and the work of actual journalists online. He should be arrested for treason, and yet the Biden DOJ is also delinquent in its duties to support constitutional law. When constitutional law is restored to the Republic, we may see the end of treasonous actors like Newsom/Biden. This recent anti-constitutional volley from the Newsom camp corresponds with the WHO’s proposal for the final fascist vaxx mandate putsch. The WHO calls for absolute control of the news narratives (social media) so as to dispel any fears of the MRNA vax mandates–even if adverse events caused by this deleterious drug format are now well-documented. Even Pfizer has published a lengthy list of adverse effects of the MRNA drug format. The CDC and FDA may wish to continue with the profiteering schedule with Pharma and BigTech–but this money-laundering fact is now public knowledge. MRNA MANDATES: https://rikitikitavi.substack.com/p/the-whos-mrna-mandate

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